Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lauren Conrad Not Heading For The Hills Finale!

Sorry LC fans who were hoping to see The Hills' original starlet return for the series's not happening, according to Lauren Conrad herself.
"I have no plans to come back," she told me at Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards style lounge today. "I really liked how I got to leave the show. I felt like it was on a positive note and I feel like they wrapped up my storyline."
As for whether she still tunes in to the craziness that's going down this season on the show...
That'd be a no.
"I haven't seen an episode since I left," she explained.
Lauren's been busy writing her third book and is headed to NYC next week to work on her latest line for Kohl's.
And although she was at a gift suite where plenty of guy's swag was being given out, looks like her boyfriend Kyle Howard won't be getting any of it.
"He can do his own shopping," she laughed.
credit - Cristina Gibson @
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. :( I was hoping we could see her... that's kinda sad... :'(

  2. yeah i kinda always knew that she wouldnt return for it...BUT im still holding onto the fact that she also said she wouldnt go to speidi's wedding..and she you never know!!

  3. I didnt think lauren would come back,and I really dont blame her.. but I really wanted to see her again.. Hey Lauren could you atleast Tweet us once Pleaaaase! we are all so proud of you for all you have and will accomplish..