Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lauren Conrad Unveils Her ''Got Milk?'' Ad

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Lauren Conrad Unveils Her National ''Got Milk?'' Ad in The Grove in LA
credit - celeb city, celebrity paradise
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. wow! The ad is so cool. I really like the throw back to the 70's with the glass.

  2. .but why she s just 24 n she have wrinkles?????!!!!!ouch u can see that in the 4th pic!!

  3. They're not old wrinkles :( They're laughter lines, she's smiling therefore her face is creased. Don't be so critical she's beautiful :(

  4. I think it doesn't matter how you call those wrinkles - laughter lines or just wrinkles. Of course they're not old wrinkles, but just because you know how old is she. If she would be 35 and look the same - how would you call that? She is really beautiful, but those wrinkles really look strange, especially when other girls doesn't have them. I think Audrina smiles even more often than Lauren, but her face looks more fresh, maybe she has better skin, maybe uses less make up than Lauren.

  5. it's probably just bad genes. or maybe she has spent too much time in the sun