Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lo Bosworth on Her New Fitness Regime

Lo Bosworth of The Hills is kicking her cellulite to the curb just in time for summer with NIVEA's four-week "Good-Bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge! To maximize her results, she done a complete body overhaul. We got the Lo-down on the starlet's new routine from fitness to food!
Exercise: Lo started cycling three times a week and taking cardio classes at the gym. "It's amazing to go to these classes and feel the results after. It shows where you need to work. That's what I've added."
Food: Lo changed her snacking habits to consist of fruits, nuts and jasmine or green tea - and for meals she sticks to this basic plan:
Breakfast- Oatmeal
Lunch- Salad or a bowl of soup
Dinner- Grilled chicken, tacos, fish, and whole wheat or whole grain (if she's craving some carbs).
Skincare: "I use the Gel-Cream and the Serum. You don't have to massage your leg for an hour and a half like other ones. Your skin soaks it up right away. Visually, I look different than I did a month ago." said Lo.
Style: "For me, it's mostly about wearing things that fit my body shape and size. You'll look great in something that fits your body more than trends. Baggy T-shirts are so comfortable, but they do nothing for my shape!"
Lo says it's OK to slip up, "When I start a new program, the first three or four days are the hardest and you might have a hard time mid-program to refocus your energy. If you slip up once in a while, it's not the end of the world. It's OK to have a burger every now and then."
I like the sound of that! Learn how to register and take part in the NIVEA "Good-Bye Cellulite, Hello Bikini! Challenge" with Lo by visiting
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