Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Audrina Patridge: Reveals Body, Style Secrets

Now that life on The Hills has come to a close for Audrina Patridge, the 25-year-old beauty is branching out as a model for Bongo.
OK! takes you behind the scenes of her sexy photo shoot where Audrina explains what it’s really like to do a fashion shoot and how she changes her diet to prepare. Plus, she opens up about her fashion and workout secrets.
“I always like doing photo shoots because normally I am a ‘roll out of bed’ kind of girl,” she tells me. “It’s fun to have professional hair and makeup people making you look your very best. I had my hair blown out, put into rollers. I had full makeup done — even fake eyelashes!”
What is it really like to do a photo shoot?
“My favorite part is always going through the racks of clothes. It’s like every girl’s fantasy — to have an entire wardrobe in your size, just waiting to be tried on. I love looking at all the accessories too – really fun shoes, jewelry and hats. But photo shoots are usually long days, and this was no exception. After five or six hours, you get a little bit tired and it’s definitely hard to keep smiling, laughing and being energetic.”
For Audrina, dieting doesn’t cross her mind even though she’s showing off her stomach in the photos.
“That morning I had a full breakfast at my hotel because I knew it might be a while before we took a lunch break,” she says. “I had scrambled eggs, bacon and a croissant. For lunch, we had pizza and I drank iced tea throughout the day.”
Still, fitness is a daily “do” for Audrina.
“I am naturally blessed with good genetics – thanks mom! – but I also do my fair share of situps and core-strengthening exercises. My trainer Jarett del Bene is really great at coming up with exercises for me.”
What does she think of the clothes she’s modeling?
“They are super cute! I love the jeans – they fit me really well, and they have really great details. I also fell in love with this black-and-white striped top that was open in the back. It was so flirty and sexy, I took it home with me.”
What does she do to make clothing her own?
“A lot of times I will rip my denim, and if it’s a pair that I’ve worn to death – I might just turn them into cut-off shorts so I can keep wearing them in the summer.”
Audrina is the new face of Bongo, which will be exclusively available in Sears and Kmart stores beginning in mid-July. Get the rest of Audrina’s interview and see her pix in the OK! out now.

credit - OK!, Just Jared, thanks portia! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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