Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lauren Conrad to Pen "Darker" Novel Series

Lauren Conrad is going rogue.
The L.A. Candy author says that for her next work of literary mastery, she's planning a darker spinoff of sorts featuring one of her current characters.
"I'm going to take Madison from the book and do a darker series," she said at The Hills finale party. "I already wrote a little bit and it was really fun."
L.A. Candy focuses on Jane Roberts, a young woman who moves to Hollywood, gets a job with an event planner and eventually lands a reality show.
That all sounds vaguely familiar ...
Like LC, Jane isn't always happy with her fame and the attention it brings, while her friend Madison takes the opposite approach and just eats it up.
Again, feels like we've heard this somewhere.
"I think it would be really fun to do it the other way, with someone who loves it," Conrad said. "Someone who loves fame and plays the game well."
She certainly has enough real-life material to draw on.
Lauren is still working on the third book in the Candy series, but we're already looking forward to reading the exploits of crazy Heidi Montag ... er, Madison.
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