Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lo Bosworth: Twitter Interview

Hey, @LoBosworth, you ready for this Twitterview?
Lo: I am! Let's go!
Awesome! So where exactly are you lounging for the for the interview right now?
Lo: The 4 Seasons, lounging by the pool in a cabana! Hope the sun comes out!
Yeah this gloomy weather hasn't been great for tanning! So tell us a little about this NIVEA challenge you're doing...
Nivea #GBC Challenge-4 weeks to banish cellulite w fitness, healthy eats, skincare and style! It's going great-bikini ready!
That's an impressive feat! So what famous celeb bikini bod would you want to have? And why?
Lo: hmm any victoria secret model, just like any girl. Curvy and fit! Trying to do my best model impression hahaha
Just practice your best Tyra smize ;)
So you just finished filming "The Hills," how does it feel to close that chapter?

bittersweet, but moving on & super busy-launching web site, book comes out in jan 2011 and have tv proj in dev!
You've managed to stay low-profile w/ tabloid drama, but what's the most outrageous rumor you've ever read about yourself?
haha I sort of fly under the radar, walk the straight and narrow, I don't worry about it!!
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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