Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kelly Cutrone Announces New ‘Scripted’ Show

Much to our dismay, those rumors of Kell On Earth being cancelled are still circulating. No more Skinner, Andrew, and Kelly Cutrone? And most importantly, no more Ava? It just can’t be true.
Bravo — Kell On Earth’s network — has neither confirmed nor denied the cancellation, but considering that the series’ premiere only had 300,000 viewers, we wouldn’t be shocked if last season’s finale was the end of it all.
And then, earlier this week, we noticed a tweet from@peoplesrev — Cutrone’s personal twitter account — that made our hearts beat just a bit faster. “Who has a new deal at MTV? Hmmmm, could it be Kelly C ?!!!! I think so,” Cutrone wrote. It seems a new show may be on the horizon.
MTV reps haven’t made any official comment on a Cutrone-based project, but according to her other tweets, another reality show isn’t in the works. Instead, Kelly will be focusing on a fictional fashion show — with the help of Gossip Girl’s executive producers, Fake Empire.
Kelly assures us that whatever the show may be, it’s going to be “f*cking fun,” and we believe her. Further details are said to be released later this week.
UPDATE: A Bravo spokesperson tells Vulture that no decision has been made yet on a second season of Kell on Earth. Bravo has shown a willingness to renew shows with very low season one ratings (Flipping Out, for example, was an early underachiever).

credit - Styleite and Vulture
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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