Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Maniac Magazine Aug - Sept 2010

Kristin Cavallari to Maniac magazine: "I am obsessed with Balmain and Alexander Wang. Those are my two obsessions right now."

"My style inspiration is Kate Moss. I really like Sienna Miller as well. Kate Hudson can do the boho-chic really well. I love her style but I don't think it's one I can necessarily pull off all the time."

"'I love shoes!' Not only did she say she loves shoes, but she went a step further to say she is working on her own shoe line, set to launch in the spring. Though the line itself doesn't have an official name, Kristin wants the main focus to be affordability. 'Not all of my fans can afford a $900 pair of Louboutins.'"

"Dress for your body. There are so many times where you can see a girl on a runway and it's [the design] the cutest thing ever, but you know, if you're not 5'10" and super skinny, half that stuff doesn't look good on you. I'm really short, so I know that. You just have to dress for your body type and not what the latest trend is."

Shot by April Hubal for Maniac Magazine
credit -style.mtv.com, thanks portia!
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Kristen can model circles around Audrina. Kristen has a connection to the camera and the mood/emotions come through. She has actual facial expressions that are different from one another and just seems much more at ease. It looks more effortless/natural to her.

  2. 4:56
    I wasn't aware it was a competition...

  3. She always seems impressive in the front pages of magazine and in the meetings photos, looks like to me a great model, is very beautiful, I like always to be informed about her... ;)

  4. She looks like LADY GAGA in the last photo. Must be the red lips and toothy serious pose.