Friday, September 17, 2010

Casey & Kyle Loza: Inked Magazine October 2010 (Scans & video)

You have ESPN FMX's Cliff Talley to thank for video above. In August, three-time X Games gold medalist Kyle Loza and his wife Casey got their photo shoot on for Inked Magazine at Kyle's parents house in Orange County. Shooting for the cover and a feature story in Inked mag's Action Sports issue on newsstands now, Talley was able to get a behind the scenes look as Kyle and Casey showed off their extra radical tattoo work for the Inked creative team.
For a more in depth look as to why Inked campaigned to have the Loza's featured in their next issue, Editor Rocky Rakovic gave us the lowdown via email.

Kyle Loza has been on our radar for dominating the X Games three times in a row and designing his new etnies clothing line. Casey caught our eye when she appeared on "The Hills" with her sister Audrina a few times -- if you were sitting on the couch with us for that moment you would have heard us scream, "Holy s--t, what's that hot tattooed girl doing running with this crowd!" Anyway, after the first time I talked with Casey I was blown away by hearing about her and Kyle's family dynamic.
Many in this country take their notion of family values from the 1950's. They believe the ideal American house contains two God-fearing parents, two cars parked in the garage, and 2.5 kids. That family would recoil behind their picket fences if they saw the tattooed Loza's pushing their Bugaboo down the street. Sure Kyle and Casey Loza may also have a dirt bike or two in the garage, but they are amazing young parents of two, successful in business, sports and love, and God-fearing. We wanted to celebrate the Lozas; the modern American family. -- Rocky Rakovic

Terrific article - Casey looks amazing!
credit - Ryan Leyba @, Inked magazine, my scanner
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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