Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joe Zee Speaks Fashion and 'The City'

by Lauren Scruggs
Creative Director of ELLE Magazine and The City star, Joe Zee, is a delight to say the least. His bubbly personality is infectious even in a crowd of one, and his adoration of everything fashion makes you want to go create an outfit from scratch, or maybe just go shopping for that matter. It was an honor to interview Joe at the ELLE Next Fashion Show this morning. Enjoy!
Lauren: What are you most excited about for today's show?
Joe Zee: I think I am just really excited for everyone else to see this incredible group of talent that is coming from RISD because it is really not what you expect a typical fashion show to be. It's so creative...I don't want to say out there but really pushing the envelope in terms of design.
Lauren: How are you liking the new Lincoln Center facility?
Joe Zee: I love the new Lincoln Center. There is a Starbucks across the street, there are new restaurants to eat at. It's just a new venue. Like I always say, fashion is about new and doing something different, and for years of my career I have been going to Bryant Park, so for me to have a new venue to go to, it's just new and fun...I love to do new things and see new things.
Lauren: Tell us about The City. Are you filming soon?
Joe Zee: No we are not right now, we are on hiatus. I think they are just waiting to hear from the network, if it's moving forward or not. But it's exciting; it was fun. It was definitely an experience. I enjoyed it.
Lauren: Do you want to continue?
Joe Zee: Absolutely. It's fun. It was a great experience. The crew was incredible to work with and the producers were super smart, fun guys. It's just me and Erin at work, so it's kind of fun to do that.
Lauren: Why do you love what you do?
Joe Zee: I love what I do because it is a completely different day every day. So for me, I am always running around to a photo shoot, to a show, to a designer, so whatever it is I am doing, it's always something different. For me, if you can do something different and be inspired like that in a different way every day, why not? I'd sign up.
credit - Lauren Scruggs @ My It Things
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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