Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olivia Palermo on The City's Cancellation: "I've Moved On"

Looks like The City's cancellation is bittersweet news to its sometime-villain, Olivia Palermo.
"You know what, I've kind of moved on," the socialite told on Wednesday. On the show, Palermo, 24, clashed at Elle magazine with PR diva Erin Kaplan and failed to support the fledgling designs of old cohort Whitney Port.
Although MTV confirmed that the show will not be returning for a third season on Tuesday, Palermo said the network still hasn't called her. "That's apparently what's happened, but I haven't heard anything official," Palermo told Us at the Jay Godfrey Spring 2011 Collection in NYC.
The fashionista said that she's been keeping busy with some top-secret business for the spring. "It's been a wonderful time for me because I've been able to focus on a lot of other projects that I didn't have time for," Palermo explained to Us. "Hopefully I'll be releasing a few things in the spring."
Although Palermo declined to comment on just what those things were (a follow up collection to her Roberta Freymann necklaces released in the spring, perhaps?), she did confirm one thing. "It'll be exciting."
credit - Us Weekly, thanks for the heads up Katie!
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. MTV - give Olivia Palermo her own show. I'd watch it just to see what she's wearing everyday =)