Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heidi Montag's Mom in Tears Over Her Plastic Surgery

ET is with Heidi Montag's mom Darlene as she watches her reality star daughter's controversial plastic surgery video for the first time, and it brings forth tears…
"I just want to start over," she tells ET, wiping away the tears. "I just want to kidnap her and take her and throw her in the car and drive her away. Talk some sense into her. … I wish I could have had a stronger influence on her, you know, just to have her think differently."
Heidi never told her mom she was going under the knife -- much less 10 different procedures in one day -- and the world saw Darlene's shocked reaction on "The Hills" upon seeing Heidi, post-surgery, for the first time.
"Her face … it was still very frozen and kind of swollen," recalls Darlene of the unscripted reality moment. "My heart sunk into my stomach … the fact that she'd gone through something so excruciating, and unnecessarily."
Under the pressure of the cameras, Darlene confesses she "had to spit out all these things I wanted to say that came out too harsh and too aggressive," and now admits, "She has never spoken to me again."
"I definitely had to express my feelings -- it's my responsibility as a parent to speak the truth to my child," she explains. "I can only do that, regardless of the consequences. I will not sit back, even if it's at the cost of a relationship."
Asked if she blames Hollywood for her daughter's extreme makeover, Darlene says, "I feel like that's probably not the best career for her … because of the extremes that she has taken it to."
Darlene, who now works as a house cleaner to pay the bills, writes about the ups and downs of being estranged from her famous daughter on her blog "Metamorphosis of a Mother" at
"Heidi is just this beautiful, genuine, very loving, very kind, just amazing spirit," says Darlene. "She's the kind of person that would take her jacket on the street and hand it to somebody, and I think she has lost some of that in the world she's in, but she's living in a very superficial world."

If you haven't read Darlene's blog yet, you really should. It's about her estrangement from Heidi but also so much more. Click here to check it out.
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  1. Heidi is an idiot! I feel so sorry for her mom.

  2. I dunno. Maybe she had a responsibility to talk to Heidi about the surgeries but why on MTV? Food for thought. Now the blogs. Why does this feud or relationship status need to be aired out in public?

  3. Heidi would have been the one to take the cameras there, she put herself in that situation, she decided to unveil herself to her mum on tv. Her mum's reaction to me looked real and she was honest, what more can you ask for since she was saying how it is unlike what ever crap spencer would have been feeding heidi in regards to the way she 'looks'. Also not everything is caught on camera, words would have been spoken away from them and we dont know what went down then. Heidi puts it all out there for eveyone to know, so I dont blame her mum for the blog when its all already on display. If you read some of it, it's heartfelt and why not if she feels like she can maybe get through to her daughter (doubt it) or help/be supported by other mothers.