Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kristin Cavallari Talks Philanthropy

Many of us know her from one of MTV’s most successful television shows, “The Hills,” but it’s off screen where Kristin is really able to show her true colors. Even in the hectic world of Hollywood, K-Cav makes a point to give back and donate her time to organizations and causes dear to her heart. Whether it’s appearing in an ad for Peta, supporting marriage equality, or raising AIDS awareness, Kristin is all about doing her part. Recently, the charismatic blonde beauty traveled to El Salvador with children’s charity “One Kid, One World,” where she did more than just get her hands dirty.
You are ambassador of children’s charity “One Kid, One World” and are extremely passionate about this organization. For those who aren’t familiar with it can you tell us a little about it?
KC: One Kid One World focuses on rebuilding schools and bringing in everything the schools needs from text books to soccer balls to paying for teachers salaries in El Salvador and Kenya. Kids get in trouble when they’re not in school so we try to make school an enjoyable place for them to go.
Earlier this year you traveled to El Salvador with “One Kid, One World.” What did taking this trip mean to you?
KC: Going to El Salvador this past year was an amazing experience. It puts your life into perspective and makes you appreciate all you have. In America we don’t think twice about going to school, but children in different countries are never provided the opportunities were accustomed to.
We all know Hollywood is a world of it’s own – what was it like stepping outside of that bubble and into a world entirely different like El Salvador?
It’s always enjoyable to step outside of Hollywood and see how other people live. I love seeing other cultures.
What do you hope to accomplish with/for “One Kid, One World?”
KC: What I hope to accomplish with One Kid One World is just to hopefully put a smile on kids faces and give them opportunities with education that they might not have had otherwise. …And doing it “one kid at a time.”
With so much negativity in the media, how do you stay so motivated to do positive things?
KC: I try not to focus on the negative, but times like these are when we need positive reinforcement the most.
Just last week you went to an elementary school in Inglewood, CA on behalf of “One Kid, One World.” What did you do at the school and why was it important for you to be there?
KC: I was at the elementary school in Inglewood to help them write their penpal letters to kids in Kenya. We’re planning a trip this spring, so we will bring backpacks over filled with school supplies from the Inglewood kids to the kids in Kenya.
Click here to see photos of Kristin in El Salvador.
Click here to see photos of Kristin at the Inglewood elementary school.
credit - The Joey Parker Movement
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