Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whitney Port: Answers Your 'City' Questions

Whitney blogged : Hi guys,
Thanks so much to everyone who left their questions here on my blog. I only had time to answer a few because I've been working like crazy -- hopefully I'll get around to some more in a bit :)
xoxo, Whit
Was there ever a time in The City where you thought you were wrongly portrayed in a scene? And if so, what scene was that?
There have definitely been times where I felt the situation or story told was dramatized or facts didn't really line up. However, who you truly are really does get portrayed. There is only so much editing they can do and no one ever forces you to say anything. All the words that come out of our mouths are a reflection of our personalities. So while it is a TV show and the producers are awesome at making things look super dramatic, we all are very close to the people we are portrayed as.
The season finale of season 2 left a lot of questions unanswered about yours and Roxy's relationship. Did you two reconcile and are you still in touch?
We have definitely reconciled and talk all the time. We have been traveling quite a bit since the show ended filming so we haven't gotten much face time but I miss her so much and will see her when we are both back from our current trips!
I was just wondering how things went with Kelly since we didn't get to find out. Did you go with the pink girl (I can't remember her name, just that everything was pink), or did you stick with Kelly?
I actually went to work with Alison Brod PR but was never actually represented by Kelly in the first place. She was and is a consultant but did not do the press for my line so it wasn't like I was ditching her!
Why after Jay you didn't show your personal life as much?
I realized that my personal life is something sacred and private. It is the only thing that keeps me sane so I wanted to keep all other opinions out of that equation. From the beginning I have never shown my family (to a large extent) or many of my very very close relationships. While I know I was on a reality show, there was always a boundary I kept.
Do you still have contact with your friends of The Hills? Like Lauren, Audrina and Lo?
I talk to all of them periodically. I ran into Audrina recently at a party which was so nice! I was so proud of her for her recent stint on Dancing with the Stars!
Were a lot of people fake to you in nyc because you were famous, or was it easy to make friends. were the friends you made on the show your real friends and do you still keep in touch with them?
I didn't really make very many friends here because I am a bit of a loner. I'd rather have a very few best friends then a bunch of fringe friends. Roxy and Sami have always been genuine girls and they will always be a part of my life!
Are you going to do any more reality TV? I know that Lauren Conrad is coming out with a new style reality show, will you do anything similar to this?
I hope to continue my career in television. I never knew it was something that would bring me so much joy and fun! I love being involved in the production side of things. But who knows! It is all a work in progress!
Are you and lauren still friends? I used to think it was the only real friendship on The Hills.
We are still friends of course. We will always have an awesome experience in common that is so unique.

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  1. what about Erin Lucas? Why she left the show? She was so sweet. :)