Friday, December 3, 2010

Audrina Patridge Talks Teenage Rebellion

She’s always been more of the good girl type, but Audrina Patridge recently admitted that she faked a note to ditch school back in the day.
On “When I was 17,” the “Hills” babe described the circumstances surrounding her teenage truancy.
"One day, my friends and I decided to ditch school and go to the beach, and I wrote a fake note: 'Please excuse Audrina Patridge. She wasn't feeling well today. Any questions, call.'"
"So I just ditched school and I went [to the beach], and our counselor at the time called my mom and asked where I was, and so she covered for me."
"She told them that I was really, really sick and that I was throwing up, and she did it to embarrass me, because when they called me into the office the next day, I had to sit there in front of all of them and tell them that I was throwing up and that I had diarrhea and I had to stick to her story. It was probably one of the last times I ever ditched — first and last."

MTV's 'When I was 17' airs Saturday, Dec 4th at 11 am. Tune in and set your DVR'S!
Click here to see photos and a video from when Stephanie Pratt was on 'When I was 17'
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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