Friday, December 24, 2010

Heidi Montag's New Surgery Disaster: Scans From Life & Style January 2011

credit - Life & Style, my scanner
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. It's a shame Dr Ryan is not alive to defend himself. No Dr will want to touch Heidi in the future that's for sure. I can't believe Heidi was not aware that if you have surgery, you will get scars!!! Also scars are not fully mature for two years so she will still improve. Sorry Heidi I don't have any sympathy for you and can we please not hear about your surgery again. I know it is your only income source but move on and actually get a job or something.

    1. I do agree with this post but at the same time I do have a sympathy for Heidi. Dr. Ryan is not here to defend himself and Heidi should not talk negatively about him. Scars will remain almost the same. I had a tiny mole removed from my butt cheek and ended up with a big ugly stretched scar. I hate looking at it, so I understand how she feels! But mine was removed because of possible melanom, so I'm glad it is gone-my mind rested and that is priceless. I wonder why Heidi did this article...showing all her scars...? This is opposite of what she did 2 years ago... She wanted to appear perfect back then. She knows the best and ultimately it's her life and her choices. I still like her, I think she is still very very pretty. Hope she can find piece.

  2. Drs. always gloss over the recovery time & scaring. Also, there is no duty for plastic surgeons to screen for BDD in the US. So, I think Dr. Ryan (the more sophisticated party) is at fault for operating on her. I do believe she just would have run around until she found a surgeon to do most of the work anyway (because people who have BDD are generally unaware they have it until it's too late) but that doesn't justify him (or any other doctor) from not turning her away and operating on her. Same thing happened to Michael Jackson. There are 6 questions that can be asked on a simple intake history sheet that screens for BDD (I believe doctors in the UK use it) and generally the questions are if a person is hyperfocusing on very minor imperfections, at which time a physican can refer them to psychiatric help because surgery never helps BDD and usually makes it worse (i.e. notice her first surgery, which was done very well, did not relieve her anxiety about her physical appearance another huge red flag for BDD). So, Dr. Ryan (dead or alive) has no sympathy from me or I suppose from the psychiatric community. I do believe plastic surgeons in U.S. know there is no duty to screen for BDD (i.e. they win on summary judgment as a matter of law - case dismissed) so I think they take full advantage of that fact. I don't think Heidi knows a lot of this but I do (and I do believe Dr. Ryan did) and I think there should be more awareness of BDD in the U.S. since it's only been listed in the DMSA of psychiatric illness since around 1984.

  3. I also might add that part of BDD is seeking reassurances from your loved ones, friends, or the public. In Heidi's case until she accepts that she has BDD (and educates herself on recovery) she will continue to seek reassurances form the public, which is only compounded by the fact that she gets money from these reassurance seeking activities. The only treatment for BDD is cognitive behavior therapy and SSRI's. Seeking reassurances about her appearance (negative or positive) is only exacerbating her BDD. Yes, she can bring awareness of the pitfalls of plastic surgery but the true issue is her BDD, which she needs to learn about before she can start recovery. Feeling her scars, staring in the mirror, seeking reassurances about the visiblity of scars etc. again are all symptoms of BDD, which can be stopped but it takes a lot of therapy to stop and redirect her energy elsewhere.

  4. I agree with the first post. I work in a hospital, I've had a breast reduction done. I know others who have had plastic surgery. And let me tell you....Dr.Ryan did an excellent job. Considering she had half of her jaw sawed off, that scar is pretty minimal. Nobody would see the scars behind her ears. And wtf?!? There's a red spot INSIDE HER NOSTRIL? How will she ever cover that up? (major sarcasm).

    Heidi wants to be plastic girl. It keeps her on magazine covers and interviewed on TV. She was on a cover a couple months ago saying she was getting her implants taken out. Then a few weeks later she said she loved her breasts and wasn't changing a thing.

    Heidi got the largest magazine spread she's ever had. And her full body pose looks like the one she did in People magazine and I think she thinks she looks damn good. She's posing and making "fk me" eyes. Heidi wanted these surgeries for YEARS. I'm sure she scoured websites and any reading material she could find and knew very well there would be scarring. She also said she almost died, and Dr. Ryan said nothing like that happened. He would have been notified and her chart showed no evidence of that ever happening.

    So you think she'd be talking to her family if she now see's the surgeries were a mistake. Um, no. She's not. Heidi is desperate to stay in the the public eye. The only psych problem she has is she's a serious sociopath. Will do anything to get what she wants no matter who it hurts, compulsive liar, no conscience, narcissistic manipulative hollow person.

  5. She didn't have 1/2 her jaw sawed off she probably had 2 or 3 millimeters. Why do I know this because you cannot cut more than that or you hit a giant nerve that runs through your jaw bone. Any more taken off has to be done by a maxiofacial surgeon (where they do an entire different surgery sliding bones around, which is done intra oral not on the outside) and not by a plastic surgeon. So, let me ask you this... since Dr. Ryan KNEW he could only remove a couple of millimeters off her jaw bone (since he is no maxiofacial surgeon) then why would he think that she would be happy with such a teeny tiny amount taken off that is actually smaller than the scar it would leave? Her jaw looks no different than it did before and this is exactly why!

  6. Dr. Ryan did what his client, in this case, Heidi, asked him to do to her chin, to the best of his ability. The scar is minimal and can be covered with make up.
    When will Heidi take responsibility for her decisions instead of blaming people (both dead and alive) for their outcome?
    Heidi is a confused young lady who isn't above manipulating any situation to earn a few bucks.
    She's been contradicting herself for years.
    First she said Dr. Ryan was "an angel."
    Now he's the bad guy.
    The real heart breaker here is not Heidi, her dumb plastic surgery or her many ways of distorting the truth to make money. The real tragedy is that Heidi's mother has lost both a son to death and now a daughter who's delusional. That poor woman. God Bless Heidi's mother.

  7. It's not like she went and did something negligent, which would justify the comment taking responsibility for her own actions. She trusted someone with a lot more education to do the right thing. Dr. Ryan should have turned her away. Plain and simple. I don't see how anyone can say her looks were improved with version 3.0. I just see a money hungry doctor. I've had consultations with plastic surgeons and they have tried to talk me into doing numerous procedures, procedures which I, myself, did not bring up. I left the consultation feeling majorly insecure about things I never even though looked bad. I think the Plastic Surgery industry needs to be cracked wide open. Plastic surgery originally became a specialty after World War II to correct war disfigurations and congenital deformities. Now it's it's a whole new animal and they are desperate even more so because of the bad economy. SAD!

  8. "Doing something negligent" is subjective.
    She had her breasts blown up to an enormous proportion. Some people see that as negligent.
    No one forced Heidi to have the surgeries.
    YOU walked away. SHE could have too but didn't.
    According to HER (not a great source since she lies) even Spencer tried to talk her out of it and felt so strongly against it that it almost ended their marriage.
    Once again, SHE listened to no one and went along with the surgery.
    Sorry your experiences have been awful w/ plastic surgeons however you and Heidi are not the same person.
    She cuts people out of her life (both family and friends who dare to disagree with her.)
    When her own mother called her out on her surgeries and suggested therapy Heidi cut off all communication. But she still poses for magazines making money off her surgeries.
    Nope. She can't have it both ways.
    She has to man up and get therapy for her BBD if she has it or she has to accept responsibility for her decision to get the surgery. (Which by the way she said she LOVED the results.)

  9. Just read the part of the mag where Heidi said surgery ruined her career. Really?
    She used to say being tagged the bad girl on The Hills ruined her career.
    Despite spending millions of dollars on her music career, it flopped. That was before plastic surgery, so how does one explain that?

  10. YOu fail to realize what you are saying. Yes, I walked away mainly because I didn't have the cash to pay up front and didn't want to charge it. Yes, the doctor's office tried to talk me into opening up a credit card, which I almost fell for. So, reread what you wrote. Why didn't Dr. Ryan turn her away? Her first nose job (done by him) was damn near perfect and her boobs were good too. Nothing you say justifies Dr. Ryan's actions to do the 2nd round of surgeries. NOTHING!

  11. 8:55
    Many Drs try to talk you into things not just plastic surgeons. My Dentist repeatedly tries to get me to set up a line of credit to get veneers and all sorts of other things I don't need. Just because someone is selling you a line of BS doesn't mean you need to buy it.
    Heidi has profited quite well from all her surgeries. She has been on the cover of 3 major magazines as well as scoring a prime time special. She has the Playboy body she wanted and for all her claims otherwise I think she and Spencer are very happy with the results. Case in point I saw a video with one of the Shannon sisters the other day. The photographers asked her about Heidi her surgery regrets. The Shannon twin laughed and said "oh please! she loves her new body. she's been trying to talk me into getting my boobs done too."

  12. My position is not to defend Dr. Ryan.
    My point is that it takes 2 to make these surgeries happen and Heidi was more than willing even when everyone around her begged her not to.
    I don't really understand how Dr. Ryan did anything wrong since Heidi has said she loved the results. Just b/c I think her boobs look awful doesn't matter. She likes them and so do some men. Some men love big boobs, fake or not. I don't understand it but that's how it is.
    She has never taken responsibility for her alleged BBD. She has only reaped the monetary benefits from her surgeries. And when it paid for her (literally) to say she was unhappy with the results she was more than happy to do that too.
    Once again, I am sorry for your horrible experiences w/ plastic surgeons. You make some excellent points regarding their shady practices.
    However, you made the right choice and Heidi continues to play her choice from every angle she can, while the checks continue to come in.
    How would she be making money right now if NOT for her surgeries? In the end, IMO she was 50 percent responsible for her decision and like many other people I wish she would get her head out from her fantasy world and stop being such a phony. It would also be great if she gave her mother a call a.k.a. the woman who brought her into this world. Happy New Year!