Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whitney Port: Promoting Special K Cereal at The Grove in Hollywood

Stepping out for a promotional appearance, Whitney Port
was spotted at The Grove in Hollywood yesterday (January 18).
Whit sported a big smile as she hammed it up at the Special K cereal event, sporting a brightly-colored getup with dark flats.
In related news, Whitney recently enlisted the help of LA Closet Design to help keep her wardrobe in order (see photos below)
Whitney expressed, “I wanted a space that could house everything I own in an organized way.” Of the Container Store’s Elfa Closet System, she raved, "You'll love just looking at it! But the best is knowing where everything is when you get dressed."

credit - gossip center,
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. It's cool that Whitney is getting paid to promote all this stuff but between her tweets on twitter promoting well, everything (juice! organic gardens! sweatshirts! cupcakes!) to her recent endorsements of Barbie/Ken, Puma, and Kelloggs it feels like like Whitney has become a walking billboard!

  2. I think the brands she mentions on twitter are quite simply things she likes. Maybe I'm naive but I don't think she's being paid to promote them.

  3. She won't be eating any Kellogg’s or cupcakes for the next few days if she intends on sticking to her juice detox lol. I don't know, I use to really like Whit in the first/second season of the Hills, but now..... not so much.

  4. same here E! I find her boring. Why after all her years on The Hills and The City is she still so stiff and uncomfortable on TV? I sat through 20something minutes of that horrible Ken show. Never again.

  5. Whit has always had clear beautiful skin, so her ads for Zeno, it really disturbed me because it felt like such a lie, and I thought she'd have a bit more integrity in choosing what products she'd promote. Of course young girls will think their skin will be as nice as Whit's if they use that product.

    When she left the Hills I realised that her image was really controlled because we all thought she was a good friend/person when really she just listened to Lauren and made "oh nooo" faces. So the City was doomed from the start. They had to get other "personalities" in there.

    She is bland so it's easy to promote any product on her, her persona has been created, and when you promote anything under the sun, plus you already have money, I think she lacks integrity. She's like a blank billboard. With bad taste in clothing. And then the girl who helped Whit design her first collection had to sue to get paid. Greedy Whit don't know u at all.

  6. Oh Anonymous 4.41- I agree with many of your points although the last paragraph was a bit harsh. Whitney is bland but she has to make a living somehow! How long can she live off what she made from The Hills and The City?

    What has come of the lawsuit? It has been ten months already and nothing! Do we really think Lauren actually wrote the La Candy series? No she is the creator just like Sweet Valley High was created by Francine Pascal, but written by written by several ghost-writers. When Lauren was at her Teen Vogue interview and she was asked if she could write, she took a long pause before she gave a half baked answer. Whitney has help with her ideas as do most celebrities.

    Did we really thing she was designing the clothes? She did not go to fashion school, she only had internship at a fashion magazine and styled a few people. Designing your own collection is a big leap. Her father prints images on t-shirts so he couldn't help her...... I could go on!

  7. Hi Ebony, I agree with what you're saying. Whitney also has written a book, I think it's out in Feb? Of course you have to strike while the iron is hot. But just things like the first year of the city she said she only would agree to do it if it was her real life. Like she seemed very serious about that. She said that's the only way she agreed to do it. But then season 2, she said her personal life would be private and it was so obvious a scripted drama.

    Also, Whitney went to school for "Gender Studies". But became a designer and her clothing prices were on par with BCBG for example. Asking for the same price from actual established labels with much better fit, quality and fabrics.

    And, there was Heidi's line (haha), Steph is doing purses...I never believed any of these people were doing anything without a lot of help. MTV was behind the $,marketing,etc of Laurens first collection. I believe she did alot of the design herself because they were pretty basic things, but MTV made alot of $ from it, and Lauren not so much.

    I guess I'm just getting a little sick of people with no talent except being seen on TV a few minutes a week and Whit just looks different, like she believes her own hype now. Now what's really crazy is Audrina new show. All of a sudden she's a talent manager opening her own firm in Detroit! Enough already!

  8. FYI Audrina's reality show for VH1 is set in LA and follows her day to day life.

    The SCRIPTED series she's beind paid to do for YOBI is set in Detroit and SHE ONLY plays a talent manager.

  9. 8:20
    Ok....thanks for the correction. Were your teeth clenched while you typed that? Because we all can read in lower case letters just fine. I look forward to seeing her practice her craft.