Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video: Kristin Cavallari on Access Hollywood

Kristin Cavallari stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday and dished to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about the ghosts of her reality TV past, as well as her current boyfriend, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.
“Is he the one?” Kit asked Kristin.
“I’d like to say yes,” Kristin said with a giggle.
“I love Chicago,” the blonde reality star said of her time in the city. “My mom is there — and that side of my family — so, I get to spend time with my mom who I don’t get to see that often. But it’s been great. I love the city and during the football season I was there a lot. Now, we’re both out here.”
While Kristin is happily in a relationship at present that wasn’t always the case – especially, back when MTV documented her “Laguna Beach” love triangle with Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti.
“What ever happened with Stephen Colletti?” Kit asked. “Do you keep in touch with that cute boy in the pick-up truck?”
“Stephen is acting,” Kristin said. “He’s on ‘One Tree Hill’ and he’s been working and staying under the radar, which, for him I think, is what he wants. I still talk to Stephen from ‘Laguna Beach’… and from ‘The Hills’ I still talk to Stephanie and Stacie, and that’s about it.”
Kristin also addressed the rumors that “The Hills” was scripted.
“‘Laguna Beach’ was definitely more real than ‘The Hills.’” Kristin said. “We only filmed ‘The Hills’ three days a week, and we did three different scenes each day and a change of clothes to film a specific scene. They were pushing it as far as they could go without an actual script… They give you a schedule like, ‘You have lunch with Heidi at 3:00 to talk about the party coming up,’ or whatever the situation may be.”
She was quick to clear up the misconceptions about “The Hills” on-air intervention plot-point during which her co-stars expressed concerns that she had a problem with drugs.
“That was really unfair,” Kristin confessed. “That wasn’t MTV, that was one producer in particular that was responsible for that, and of course, after the show aired and that came out, all the girls started talking and telling me what really happened. One producer told the girls what to say and it got as far as bribing one girl with a purse. It was really nasty stuff.
“I never had an issue whatsoever,” she continued. “I mean Us Weekly, it was like, ‘Her parents want her to go to rehab,’ and both of my parents were like, ‘Nobody called me and asked me.’”
Kristin has segued from reality to scripted television and will be appearing tonight on “The Middle” as a biology teacher. “The Middle” airs Wednesday nights on ABC.
credit - Access Hollywood
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Does anyone else think the girl bribed was Lo? I remember when it all kicked off one of Kristin's tweets was "Manipulation is disgusting!! hope your burkin bag was worth it @LoBosworth" or similar to that effect.

  2. Pablo, I also think like your, kristin to mentioned to have a good relation with it, on the contrary always they have never had disagreements, I love to kristin for his honesty...

    Here they have a super graceful video of the middle...."