Friday, March 25, 2011

Four Questions With Whitney Port

Whitney Port hosted an intimate party at the Sunset Tower in LA last night called An Unregrettable Evening. Whitney lined the space with some of her favorite fashion picks of the season, including those from her own line, and toasted friends like Breaking Dawn's Tinsel Korey during the festivities. Whitney stopped to chat with us about her latest creations, why she's not ready to let reality TV cameras into her life again just yet, and the celebrities she looks to as style icons. She said:
On whether she'd do a fashion reality show like Lauren Conrad:
"Yeah, I mean, I'd definitely be interested. I'm staying away a little bit from that right now because I'm trying to really get a feel for what my line is all about, and making sure it really works, as opposed to just being fluff for cameras. So obviously, at some point maybe when I feel like things are going well and I can handle that back in my life again, then I'll do it. But at this point, I'm staying under the radar."
On the stars she thought rocked awards season:
"I think Anne Hathaway looked beautiful. I think Gwyneth Paltrow looked awesome and Cate Blanchett. I was so into it. It was one of my favorites [Oscar] night. Her hair, her makeup. It was gorgeous."
On her plans to design pieces for the red carpet:
"This season I'm playing around with a bunch of different textures and seeing if I can make pieces that people would want to wear on the red carpet or editorials. I obviously love to make wearable pieces that everybody can put on and just style it their own way, but I think it would be fun to play with more expensive fabrics and intricate textures."
On her latest collection: ."
"My Spring collection is really colorful and is based around three different prints that I did. I worked with this artist out in the UK that helps me put my imagination onto paper, and it's just, like, laid-back streetwear with a little bit of funkiness to it. And it's mostly silk and really comfortable
Click here to see photos of Whitney at The party
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