Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heidi Montag Shields Her Face While Getting a Blow Out

Heidi Montag covered up her nose while having a blow-out at her local hairdressers in Los Angeles - protecting the face that cost her a fortune to change.
While sitting in the salon chair, Heidi had both hands up protecting her nose while the stylist went to work with his brush and hair dryer.
The former Hills star looked concerned especially when it came to drying the bangs, near her nose.
She admitted last year that she has worn bandages on her nose before so that her face doesn't 'fall off like Michael Jackson's'.
Her addiction to plastic surgery saw the 24-year-old undergo ten plastic surgery procedures in one day.

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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. Haha, she and Spencer probably don't kiss during sex.