Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Couple Alert: Audrina Patridge is Dating Nic Roldan

New couple alert! Audrina Patridge and Nic Roldan, a polo star who helped teach her a lesson in an upcoming episode of her new reality show, have grown close.
At least according to People, which reports that they recently shared a romantic trip to the Presidente Intercontinental Resort & Spa in Cozumel, Mexico.
"They walked along the beach holding hands and had some wonderful dinners," a source says. "Nic likes her because she is a casual surfer girl, she is his type."

And look what Nic posted on facebook on April 6th!

"Good times on the boat yesterday"

Looks wise he kind of reminds me of Corey & that is a very good thing! : )
Click here to see more photos of Audrina & Nic
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. So now we know why Corey had his Twitter rants! Looks lke she dumped Corey for this guy - and I don't blame Corey one bit for being angry & "bitter". Can't she ever just be single? It seems that Audrina only ever leaves a guy for another guy!

    And, lol! He looks nothing like Corey! Haha. (IMO!)

  2. bitter sure, we've all had a hearts broken one time or another. But he has no excuse for the crap he said. none. he is a grown-up not a 12 year old boy.

  3. I agree with Elle, Audrina does move on pretty quick. However, I feel he should have expressed how he felt offline. Instead of posting tweets for the whole world to see, he should have just sent it to her directly.

    Anyway he should have known what Audrina was like; she left him for Justin Bobby and then kept him on the sidelines just in case.

    I think Audrina is sweet but she appears clueless in regards to one to one relationships.

  4. Audrina put her personal life out there for the world to see. She was one of my favorite and now I'm starting to piece together her actions from the hills and now this, not such a pretty image. I remember Corey's appearance on the hills, he had Lauren's approval. So I believe he put himself into the relationship and got hurt pretty bad. He's still a pretty good guy.

  5. I like Corey and all but if you read his tweets he is a big drinker and I don't always like the way he refers to people. He's used slang terms for women ie. sluts and skanks and the n word for black people.

    And shouldn't he be at least half responsible for this relationship not working. he kept going back to someone he says didn't treat him right. then why keep going back??? imo they both have issues.

  6. Both Audrina and Corey seem like immature and trashy people...disgusting the way she sleeps around and calls herself a rolemodel, as for Corey...filthy mouth and no class, sounds predjudice and and abusive!!!

  7. Yep, you're all right when you say he shouldn't have said what he did on Twitter! Some of the things said were pretty harsh. But I can understand his anger; but noone should turn it into a public show.

    Although, when it comes to these two, they both will stop at nothing for their 15 minutes of fame. Corey did what he did to get more notoriety and to milk more "fame". Audrina obviously dumped him for this guy cos obviously he's got more links to fame. Sad really, the both of them! Kinda ironic they're not together anymore seeing they are prefect for eachother!

    Still sucks to be cheated on or dumped for someone else though.

  8. @NicRoldan Hey long have you and AP been together? Cute couple!

    from Nic twitter @AmberGoodhand we are just talking at the moment. Been going on for a couple of weeks :). She is really great

    Gross!!!! Audrina gets around!

  9. 9:30
    since when does talking to mean sleeping with?
    Last I heard she was single and free to date or talk to whoever she wants. I swear this double standard is killing me. Corey can talk all day long on twitter about the girls he meets and he is considered the "good guy" meanwhile Audrina moves on and is considered a slut and someone who gets around. wtf???!!!???

  10. @ 10:26 don't be so stupid she gets around. She's always had someone on the side line before she leaves her current relationship.