Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stephen Colletti's Modeling Photos!

WHOAAAAA remember Stephen Colletti from Laguna Beach?!?!

We stumbled across this photoshoot Mr. Colletti did for.... who knows/who cares?! LOOK. AT. THESE. PHOTOS.

We love how he works the approachable, "just hanging with the bros," zip-up hoodie and jeans as well as the manly "babe, get on my motorcycle and let's go eat sexy cobbler" ensemble.

Also, can we talk about his facial hair?! Little LB Stephen is all grown up!
credit -, thanks for the heads up portia!
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I love stephen colletti !!! he is so cute and sexy at the same time !


  2. He is not a natural model that's for sure. He is starting to look really mature (it suits him)give him another five years and I think he will look even better.

  3. He looks like a young Mark Ruffalo!!

  4. He looks great. He was always so cute in Laguna Beach. I'm glad after the whole LB thing, he found work on One Tree Hill. It was nice to see him have an actual career.

  5. I agree ! now a MEN !!!!!! A HOT SEXY MEN !!! before hes was a cute boy form highschool !

  6. Yes! He does look like a young Mark Ruffalo!
    He looks great even though he does look a little awkward with his modeling poses.