Friday, May 13, 2011

Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan: Back Together Again!

I guess the fourth time is the charm!? Audrina & Corey were spotted in Griffith Park in Los Angeles yesterday having a picnic, kissing and holding hands.
What do you think? Was their break-up the real deal but they just can't keep away from one another? Or was it all a clever press set up for the season finale of her show?
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Well, I think we know how is Audrina with boyfriends...She likes to be with them and then break up, and the again go back together. The same old story like with Justin Bobby.

  2. They are super cute together!

    I think they must have done it for ratings. Only problem is that Corey is a million times better looking than that polo player!

  3. Doesn't surprise me if they staged the whole thing for publicity; they're both fame whores.

    But you do have to wonder: If it was for publicity, Corey was pretty irate, and regardless of whether the break up was real or not, Audrina is a pushover for letting a guy call her a c-bomb and a sl**! Those kind of things are unforgivable behind closed doors, but on a public forum?! And he called Casey a mutt and sl** for having 2 kids to different men. Audrina ... this guy is anything but "sweet".

    I give it 3-6 months before the sh** hits the fan again.

  4. i think the break up was just a game for audrina.. corey isn't that type of guy who play games for publicity

  5. I have corey added on facebook and i can tell you it was definetly a real break up, he doesnt add anyone on there and the things he was saying were pretty damn cruel, plus all his friends including his mom had a thing or two to say, so i definetly think it was real, and it was down to him drinking she doesnt like what alcohol does to him

  6. i don't get how some of you defend corey. whether you like audrina or not the things he said about her were disgusing. And the stuff he said above casey, unforgivable! He is a verbally abusive tool who needs to go to rehab!

  7. I like the two together however these pics sadly remind me of Heidi and Spencer.

  8. Yep, alcohol related for sure, and did anyone else notice Audrina made a tweet along the lines of "I don't like what Jack Daniel's does to people" a few days ago? Trouble in paradise AGAIN already!

    Can't wait to see what Casey says & IMO it's poor form for Audrina to turn a blind eye to the fact that he not only publicly offended her in such a disgraceful manner, he also did the same to her sister! he also pretty much came out and told the world Audrina is a heavy substance abuser! WTF?! What a great guy! Oh and I'm sure he went and fooled around with as many girls as he could!!!

    They are NOT the kind of things someone who supposedly loves you says or does! He's a fame whore who likes to control his girlfriend, and Audrina needs a good wakeup call!!! 

    Don't know why her mum is so deadset against Casey's husband; he seems so be a pretty decent guy who from what I can tell doesn't fool around on his girl, get ridiculously drunk, or publicly humiliate his girl or her family!!!  

  9. 11:31 great post! I think the mom is threatened by Kyle. He doesn't drink and in her warped mind she probably thinks he is passing judgement on her. The Dad seems sweet but it is not normal to sit there smiling while your wife goes off the rails. No wonder Casey keeps her distance! I would too. Unfortunately Audrina seems to be drawn towards men with issues. Dysfunction breeds dysfunction I guess...

  10. Love the way ZUUR JEANS look on her.