Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Audrina Patridge Hits The Beach In Ixtapa

Bachelorette parties usually involve a copious amount of drinking, usually with a stripper thrown in for good measure.
But the celebration Audrina Patridge is attending in Ixtapa, Mexico, this weekend, seems to be more of an athletic variety.
Drina was seen enjoying a jet ski ride, as well as taking part in building a human pyramid, all the while showing off her super-slim figure in a floral black bikini.
And she definitely seemed to be enjoying herself on the break, smiling and laughing with her group of friends which included her brother Mark.
Recently the 26-year-old star credited her mother Lynn for her good genes, adding: 'My mom has a good body, so I’m lucky to have the body I have. I’ve always been in shape; I’ve danced since I was really little and I was on the swim team.'
But while a lot of her figure might be down to genealogy, Audrina admitted there isn't a minute she doesn't think about working out and exercising her body as best she can.
She said: 'Even when I'm just sitting in front of the TV, I lift five-pound weights or do squats. And I wear heels when I vacuum, because it works my calves and my butt!'
But it's not only about the working out, as Audrina also watches what she eats: 'I order what I want when I'm out, but I don't eat all of it. And I am not really big on sweets.'
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credit - celebrity-gossip.net, daily mail
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Any ID on her bikini? It's super cute.

    She sounds obsessed about food and working out but I guess if my body got this much attention I'd be the same way!

  2. Hi anon! :)
    It's a Zimmermann Ebony Rose Bikini. Saks has it on sale but it's still pretty pricey -$145!