Saturday, May 14, 2011

Audrina Patridge's 26th Birthday Bash At Wet Republic

Showing up for a belated birthday bash in her honor, Audrina Patridge was the picture of perfection at the Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon (May 14).
Drina wore a multi-colored bikini as she and her brother Mark and a group of their friends hit up the MGM Grand locale to celebrate her 26th birthday (which was actually on May 9).
Also in attendance (but not photographed) was Audrina's on and off again boyfriend Corey Bohan.
Reportedly, the twosome were extremely lovey-dovey at the event.
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credit - gossip center, tlfan
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Picture of perfection? Last year YES! This year NO WAY!I was at the party last year and on Saturday. Last year - her normal, enviable, voluptuous body. Saturday she was wearing what looked like small foam footballs to pad her top. Without those she would have had no top at all, flat as a board. I hope Audrina is suing the doctor who butchered her because she no longer looks like herself! For now, her glamour is gone!

  2. Wow! What a difference a year makes. Was that our girl at Wet Republic on Saturday or some celebrity impersonator? I’m not really sure. It looked like Audrina’s fabulous hair and smiling face but on a totally different body. Not the same Audrina from “The Hills” final season or any red carpet appearances we saw her at last year. I always loved Audrina’s flawless curvy look. She certainly is different now.

  3. 2:25
    are you for real? Audrina was never curvy! yeah, shes skinnier, um hello, she lives in LA, but her boobs are the same as always. i'm not a fan of em but to act like it's something recent is absurb.

  4. She looks great but I wish she would put on a few pounds

  5. She looks pretty but I agree on the weight. She was thin before but now she's a toothpick! I also agree that Audrina was never curvy. J-Lo is curvy, Kim K is curvy, Audrina never!

  6. she needs to eat that Carl's Jr burger she was endorsing before! ASAP!

    p.s. somebody should also tell her to slow down on the spray tan unless she wants to look like skinny Snooki!

    LOL! ~portia

  7. Does anybody know what brand/designer Audrina's bathing suit is? I am dying for it! I absolutely love it!! THANKS!