Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kristin Cavallari Goes For A Morning Run in Santa Monica

Kristin Cavallari goes for a morning run in Santa Monica on April 28, 2011.
love her shirt! :)
credit - eye prime
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. every picture that has came out these past couple days is staged.

  2. I think she is leaving LA, I sure hope not, her Promotional setting will be much much harder in Chicago. Oh I am so so sad, I just love seeing her doing anything, with or without her fresh bottle of "Vitamin Water"!! I hope she got paid very well for that one, yikes. She looks so grand here too. Maybe she gets a good gig soon: TV, Movies, Event, hosting...I am down for it either way, loving fan for life, she is my addiction, forget all those other reality star wannabe's. Kristin, to me, is still the most attractive and the most watchable in my mind. Bring it baby, show us what ya got soon...

  3. She is floating, look at how high she is off the ground!! Talk about proper running high step-cool-great (where is the video?). Her profile is stunning, with that flying hair, wow. But where is the ring? if this was staged, why not be wearing the ring or have the ring on:

    TO the 7:24 pm comment: I think you are wrong, HA. Running beach-side is a popular way to get fit by many in LA, she is something to watch, I bet a real head-turner, this could have been any photo shot by grandma paparazzi or those skateboard teens you see now hanging with their cameras - really could have been anyone trying to make a buck in this poor economy.

  4. totally - she is officially obnoxious.

  5. It's a nike shirt. It's 25$. Too bad they don't do it for men.

  6. ha ha. agree with these comments. she does look pretty though. too bad.

  7. to the 3:45 comment yes i know that running is popular in l.a. i live about half an hour away from all the celebs but whether you like her or not you have to admit that she stages a lot of photos just to get attention.

  8. Nike Shoes too, they look brand new, hmmmm?
    Maybe its a promo for new shoes by the new shoes consortium/lobby, hmmmm (sic)

    Well, one thing is for sure, she is beautiful and she does run well.

  9. OK 3:45, I get it.

    Maybe she is just cooperating with the PAPs that loom about. We need to get to the bottom of this, not sure how though. I can't just get on your bandwagon as a fellow Naysayer.

    When doing it her way, she can at least control her environment a bit better and she seems to be friendly, respective, polite and safe to ALL. Would you rather have it be this run-chase-hide scenario all the time, as it is with some other elusive type celebs?

    Hint: innocent victims get hurt or worse (RIP: Lady Di or view Paris Hilton's latest sicko stalker incident at courthouse)

    I gotta give Kristin big credit, if its true, in that "she" is the one being empowered not them. FYeah to girl power, Fyeah to getting paid and a final Fyeah to safe and sane sidewalk scenes that we "innocents and gullables" love to view or pay tour bus operators to see a show, any show.

    Sorry if this is offending you, I guess you need to reply to explain which angle bugs you most, is it the integrity angle? I pray that you are not just a negative person with low self esteem that is consumed with a poor self image who enjoys looking down on others and point fingers of unusual and cruel judgements?....Tell us what you know and how you know this, you must have a unique experience living so close to the celebs.