Friday, May 6, 2011

Kristin Cavallari: "“I Never Actually Had A Real Boyfriend on The Hills, Brody and Justin Were Fake Relationships"

Kristin Cavallari recently got engaged to boyfriend of eight months, Jay Cutler. Hollyscoop spent some time with the beautiful star, and she opened up to us about her engagement and offered some dating tips to boot!
“As never the girl who dreamt about my wedding and everything but that actually makes it more fun for me,” Cavallari told Hollyscoop at the LA home. “Now i’m flipping through magazines and starting to get ideas and I’m getting really exciting about it. It’s all very new, but its all very exciting.”
And you’d think with all of that wedding planning, Cavallari would have caught the Royal Wedding, but with her busy schedule, she had to skip it: “I was on a plane but I saw a bunch of pictures,” she told Hollyscoop.
Cavallari has been asked over and over about when the wedding will be. “It will be next spring, I don’t know when. I’ve had people ask me where I’m registered and all this stuff, I’m like ‘I just got engaged’, it’s too many questions at once.”
As for her and Jay starring in their own reality show, Cavallari prefers to keep that part of her life private, “I’ve been approached a million times, it’s not going to happen.”
“I never actually had a real boyfriend on [The Hills],” Cavallari continues. “Brody and Justin were fake relationships. I would never put a real relationship on TV again. I think it just creates so many more problems.”
And when it comes to finding the right man, Cavallari stands by that age old gut feeling: “I just knew it right away. It was completely different than all the other guys that I dated. I didn’t have any questions about it, I’ve dated guys before I’m like I don’t know maybe I could marry him maybe I wouldn’t but I really, really know with Jay.”

Cavallari is currently working on an upcoming show for her business, Shoedazzle. And while she might not be starring in a reality show anytime soon, she’s still in the business.
“Right now I’m in the middle of casting a reality show that I’m going to produce. Which has been so much fun being on the other side of the camera. I can’t talk about it yet, we’re waiting to do a big announcement.”
With her business booming, a new series in the works and a wedding to plan, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Kristin!
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  1. I'm guessing Lauren didn't date Brody either!So basically nothing was real except Spencer being a douche and the first season with Lauren & Jason.

  2. i thinks is sad what she says this things... a lot people know the last 2 season was fake but whe she says that i think is really mean to the fans. like let this things in secret...

    now she acting like a bitch. have some respect for the show who give u oprtunity. shes the only one who keeps saying shiot about the hills and laguna. BE HUMBLE

  3. She ruined the hills by making it fake basically. She's a good actress though.

  4. I like his honesty, that's one reason why I trust her, I love a woman because it is authentic

  5. The majority of the hills was fake, the difference is Kristin is the first person to admit it.

  6. 10:39 agreed! i love the show but only the first and maybe second seasons were real. kristin is the only person to admit that this was a job and to tell the truth about the editing. why blame her for being honest????

  7. I don't get it! Wasn't she dating brody for about a year before the hills?!

  8. Never, no actor in the hills was kind enough to admit that the hills were false because kristin blame for telling the truth? she is honest and authentic....

  9. 3:16 they dated in real life but it was 3 or 4 years ago. I think she was around 21? what she meant was the footage of him and her on the hills was all fake.

  10. 1:26, how is she being a bitch? She's just telling the truth and IMO she's being quite diplomatic about it. She's talking about her engagemen & saying that her relationship, unlike others, is real & she's pribably also bouncing back on harsh comments about her engagement happening after 8 months of dating. Hardly see how she's being nasty! As others have said, The Hills was hardly real!!!

  11. The Hills was real seasons 1-3 as far as Lauren, Whitney and Audrina goes. All the scenes with Speidi at the end of Season 2 and all of Season 3 (the 'fighting' etc) were obviously scripted though.

    Season 4 is when it started becoming more and more fake, a lot of the storylines from then on felt fake and contrived. Although the rumor about Lauren and Justin Bobby hooking up was real, although I'm sure the producers started that rumor to begin with - but the aftermath was real, Lauren was obviously upset, but I felt as though Audrina played up the whole thing to get extra camera time.

    When Kristin came on is when the show became 100% fake though.

  12. not true about seasons 1-3 and the girls themselves said as much. Producers arranged all of the footage where Lauren and Heidi were forced to interact and a lot of other stuff too. plus they left a lot out. for example holly montag lived with lauren and heidi the whole first season!

  13. "Producers arranged all of the footage where Lauren and Heidi were forced to interact and a lot of other stuff too."

    Obviously, but the fights that ensued were real. Whereas for example Kristin's storylines with Brody and Justin, and Audrina hooking up with Brody, were 100% acting jobs.