Friday, May 27, 2011

Kristin Cavallari is Preparing to Bid Farewell to the Hollywood Hills

Kristin Cavallari is preparing to bid farewell to the Hollywood Hills and say hello to the Windy City once she weds Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The quintessential California girl became engaged to Cutler last month after he proposed during a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. KCav is eyeing a spring 2012 wedding in Chicago and she's already planning her life after she becomes Mrs. Jay Cutler - starting with her relocation to be closer to her beau. She tells Life & Style magazine, "We aren't going to do long-distance. So I'll eventually move to be with him in Chicago." The 24 year old realizes the big move won't be easy, but she insists it's a sacrifice she's willing to make: "There are things about LA I'm going to miss: The weather is great, and I have all my little spots, like my facialist and the places I like to eat. And, obviously, my friends. But this is just a new, exciting phase of my life."

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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Can't imagine Kristin not in California.

  2. I'm dying without kristin in California, no news of her ... this news makes me very sad

  3. Sweet sorrow, sad sad sad sad sad....but we helped her and supported her, albeit blindly at times out of shear love and respect. what about the brand, the NEW show?, What if jay blows out a knee, What if he gets traded?, Why did she leave ChicagoLand long ago-you can never go back, or go back East once you trek West, Trust me, it won't be the same.

    sad sad sad.

    The whole KC thing is going to pot here. Also, so many people are leaving chi town due too the high income TAXES!!!! they are over the top in taxes now. One get hits twice in Illinois with both highest state income taxes and outrageous property taxes for nice homes. Its no bargain state for sure. So, really, she is giving up hard earned income on many levels to make this move happen. I think she is giving up way more than she should.

    sad sad sad

    But wow, she is something once again, so willing TOO give up on things w/principle and conviction(love too, YES?), sacrifices herself in a NON-selfish way, being something new, taking BIG chances, leaping without any NET below. NOT knowing where you will land-THAT TAKES GUTS - This is HUGE. She is changing it up when she doesn't really have too. She believes in her gut emotions, that takes courage and more.

    Still though this is sad sad sad for all of us.

    What about her family here in SoCal: LB? Dad (her last real Fathers Day celebration?) and her brother?, they are close too are they not, seems like they should be. I like her Dad portrayal in LB, he seems real and like a cool pop, heck the best anyone would want around.

    sad sad sad.

    She should go on more shows, any shows NOW, Do them here in LA, before she goes, YES YES YES. She should get on all the LA LOCAL talk shows, should be ez to book (Come on PR guru: "Jack K" its time to do your magic).

    How can we help, we want to see more of our girl!!!) I don't want to be sad sad sad.

    It would be classic and so good to have KC get goofy an crack up crazy fun on: Kimmel (one more time, last visit was great! w/KC in her little stunning LBD), Leno (he needs a summer bikini sexy KC ratings boost, talk BMW cars here too? Jay loves that car-talk), and lets not forget Mr. Craig Fergerson's at the Late/Late Show from the David Letterman franchise on CBS (I think promote Wild Cherry DVDs here). Craig is so funny too and she and him would be very interesting one on one: KC with the pro-flirting and Craig with his self deprecating quirky funniness, He gets involved as a interviewer host and will ask her the harder questions in a soft/good way...

    Come on, she can't just fade away into a mid-west blur of blah blah baby land (whoops did I go too far here, sorry mid-westerners)?
    I am angry and in denial over this!!! Can you tell?

    sad sad sad sad.

    I am very sad Kelli. Tell us it ain't so, lets get a petition going, a poll? Don't we get a vote - collectively us fans must unite on this. Oh my sad sad sad sad again, that never works especially when its her free will. This is really HER choosing and its something to cherish and behold.

    sad sad sad *still again...

    Saying goodbye to our golden girl full of grace, beauty and style. I am crying now on the outside, heart breaking on the inside. XXOOXX :( :( :|

    Sad Sad Sad

    PS. Please publish, you can tell I am a real person and have real feelings on this topic.