Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Drove Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard Apart

Kyle Howard loved Lauren Conrad -- but apparently not 'The Hills'.
After the uber-private couple of three years announced the end of their relationship last Friday, insiders explain in the new Us Weekly (out now) that Conrad's reality roots irked the former My Boys actor.
"He saw the relationship as distracting from his goal of being the next Robert De Niro," a source close to the My Boys alum tells Us. "He wasn't supportive of her career."
Howard, 33, was usually a no-show at his 25-year-old girlfriend's business-related events -- and similarly avoided time with Conrad's friends.
"All of her friends can count on one hand the amount of times they've seen him," sniffs the insider.
"Lauren is heartbroken" by the breakup, the pal adds. "She wants to be married and have kids."
For more details on the couple's shocking split -- including how Howard was "selfish" and not "supportive," the final nail in the coffin and more -- pick up the new Us Weekly, out now.
I'll scan the article after I get my copy but personally it sounds like a lot of BS to me. Lauren has said numerous times how supportive Kyle was of her career and she also said she was way too young to even consider getting married right now.
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credit - Us Weekly
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. It`s funny that even in this article,there are non of her own words... It`s always an "insider" or a "close source", i think that is a bit wierd. Not one word from one of them regarding a so called break up! And Lauren didn`t end the reletionship because she wanted marriage and kids,something Kyle wouldent give her. Thats absurd! and false! Honestly, I don`t believe a waord of any of it until she her selv says it is this or that.. (i need to save my words soon i think). Also, nothing indicates that she is heartbroken when you see all of her updates on twitter,thebeautydepartment or Maybee I`m naive,but hey! Gossip-magazines can really twist up a good story or even make things up!

  2. it makes for an interesting story but US has been wrong so many times in the past why should I believe them now they just want to sell magazines

  3. I dont think Kyle is anything like what this article is claiming. He always seemed very attentive to Lauren. He was always with her friends at her fashion shows and hanging out with her family. I highly doubt they would have spent a while in Colorado with his family ( I saw a picture on facdbook) if he didn't want to be with her. In the comments of the picture his sister and girlfriend claimed they were engaged. I think they broke ip because Lauren want ready to settle down.

  4. Who Knows....but I hardly doubt that there is much truth to this article. It couldn't have been that one sided and unless she's a darn good liar, I don't think that she was ready for a family. I do think that she is truly heart broken, though. She seems to fall hard and look how long she waited to have a bf after Jason...and he was a jerk. I do feel sad for her. Three years is a very long time to be in a relationship. Right up to the end she beamed when every time Kyle's name was mentioned in interviews as well as in every picture she was seen with him. Her social network accounts and blogs are a safe way to present for her fans without sharing anything that she's personally going through. Either way, Lauren will win out in the end. She'll use this experience to find the perfect guy for that will appreciate her and make her very happy.

  5. Lauren's one of the best looking girls in Hollywood, she can have anyone she wants.


    "He saw the relationship as distracting from his goal of being the next Robert De Niro."



  7. whos facebook page was that? a public one? I`m just very curious! :P

    The so calles "pal" said that her friends could count on one hand the amount of times they have seen him? thats BS! I have seen so many pictures of kyle,lauren and her friends! And he is active on twitter with them too. I don`t believe in any of this! Although, I do want to read this article:P

  8. The picture is on Kyle's sisters girlfriends page.!/photo.php?fbid=498095099603&id=614554603&set=t.1419575682&refid=0

  9. Thanks for the link but it didn't work. I'm disappointed because I wanted to see it. Any suggestions?

  10. if lauren didnt want her relationship in the hills why would she go running to a tabloid to tell her story? it's not like shes strapped for cash!

    ive always been a litte sceptical about what its truth will us weekly after the kristin drug thing! theres no way in hell lauren went to us weekly,

    ALSO when rumors went around about her being engaged and being asked if she was next to get married after kristin got engaged im sure she released a statement saying "im happy how i am" or something like that at the time.

    "the close source" is more than likely the person writing this article.

  11. I guess I could email you the pic?

  12. Thanks that would be great!

  13. will someone pleaser get the magazine and scan it?

  14. If you read the end of the post Kelli said she would scan the magazine after she gets a copy.

  15. can you email it to me too??