Thursday, July 14, 2011

Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan Attend MTV Snow Jam 2011 in Melbourne, Australia

MTV Australia caught up with Audrina during snow jam and did a quick interview:
MTV: Tell us the best and worst thing about working with your nearest and dearest…
Audrina: The best thing about working with my family is that I get to see them on a regular basis and we all get to film together and have fun. And just be around each other, because with all our crazy schedules we don’t always get to come together every week. So with the show we had one day a week where we all had a family dinner and that was really nice.
The bad thing about filming with my family is that we’re not afraid to call each other out and there’s always arguments, people are always getting their feelings hurt and you know just telling each other their opinion of what you’re doing. Its family, there’s no secrets.
MTV: As well as starring in the show you also helped produce it…
Audrina: Yeah I was one of the producers, but I had no part editing or cutting or anything like that, which I kinda wish I did , because I’d love to see it! There is so much footage that we didn’t even use, and they used what they thought would create the season and make it good. But there is just so much [footage] that I wish I was involved more with that. But I did tell them on a regular basis what I was doing everyday or every week what was going on in all of our lives, what we should film, what we shouldn’t, what would be more exciting and what wouldn’t.
MTV: Did you enjoy stepping into that role?
Audrina: I did because if we were to film a reality show about my life I wanted to be involved and kind of have a heads up on what we were filming, and not just thrown into a situation where I was oblivious and didn’t know what was going on because it’s my life and it’s called Audrina so I really wanted to be involved, and I was to an extent.
MTV: Fellow MTV reality stars Pauly D, Snooki and JWoww from ‘Jersey Shore’ are about to film their own spin-offs – what advice would you give them?
Audrina: It’s a lot of pressure, you constantly have to push yourself to always be interesting and always have something going on. And your life can not have a dull moment coz no one wants to watch boring TV. They always want to see something going on. And just keep your head up because no matter what you do everyone’s always going to have an opinion and judge you, so you’ve just got to block it out and live life.
MTV: Are you a fan of ‘Jersey Shore?’
Audrina: I’ve watched a few episodes and I have met most of them and they’re really nice, they’re all very cool.
MTV: You’re up for ‘Best Female Reality/Variety Star’ at the upcoming Teen Choice Awards against Snooki – how do you feel about that?
Audrina: If I win that would be amazing but the Kardarshians are up and Snooki, and there are so many great reality stars that I’m up against. And Snooki, she’s one of my favourites on Jersey Shore.
MTV: You started off in the industry wanting to be an actress - if you could pick your ideal movie role what would it be?
Audrina: I’d love to do a movie like Troy. I love the medieval times and I would love to do a period piece. The Tudors is one of my favourite shows, so I’d love to do a movie like that because you get to play a character and have an accent and you get to dress up in these amazing costumes and just be someone else.
MTV: And your ideal co-star?
Audrina: Henry Cavill.
MTV: On ‘The Hills’ we saw you work at Epic Records – would you consider making an album one day?
Audrina: I’ve always been passionate about music even before the reality...but I would just mess around, I wouldn’t do it to be taken seriously as an artist.
MTV: We know you’re a big fan of Australia, and obviously have an Aussie boyfriend – would you ever move here for good?
Audrina: I would come here half of the year and go home half, I don’t know about permanently because I would miss my family and I’m very close to them so that would be too hard.
MTV: And lastly, what’s next in the pipeline?
Audrina: Right now I’m the face of Bongo, which is an American iconic brand and I’m also the face of Bremenn Miracle Cream, it’s a skincare line. And that’s what I’m doing right now. Then as of August/September I have a few other TV gigs coming up that I can’t talk about, but I’m excited about that!
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credit - zimbio, gossip center, MTV Australia
~Kelli at Hills Freak


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