Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Audrina' Patridge is Crushing on Chris & Liam Hemsworth

Uh oh Corey Bohan better watch out – he’s not the only smokin’ Aussie to catch Audrina Patridge’s eye!
The reality star has also confessed to having a bit of a thing for Melbourne-born brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth!
Not that we blame her of course!
During a game of ‘Hot or Not’ with radio show The Hot Hits, the 26-year-old gushed about eldest sibling Chris, best known for his role in ‘Thor,’
“He’s hot…he looks like he could be in Backstreet boys or something.”
And she was even more impressed with his lil bro, and Miley Cyrus’ other-half Liam, adding,
“Hot… nice body, clean cut, very kind of preppy.”
Meanwhile, Audrina could be headed for a whole new load of family drama now that she’s back in LA!
After posing for a set of sexy snaps for clothing label Bongo, the stunning brunette is a little worried that not everyone will approve of her raunchy look…
As the new pics emerged online last week, she told her fans on Twitter,
"Omg, a topless photo of me has surfaced on the web! I hope my dad's not mad!"
I love Audrina but seriously? Her Bongo ad is nothing compared to the leaked photos from a few years ago!
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credit - mtv.com
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. haha..that twitter comment seemed off. Audrina later posted "I did not write that tweet 5 hours ago!!... Going thru tweets now.. Time to change password"

  2. It was just a matter of time before another topless or nude pic was "leaked". I mean she had her old breasts. She's been dying to show off her new ones. Unfortunately Audrina only seems comfortable wearing hardly any clothing. Playboy is coming soon, as it looks like her career is going down fast.

  3. nothing was leaked. the tweet was referring to a photo from the new Bongo ads and and as the poster above said it turns out Audrina didn't even make that tweet!
    if you had actually bothered to look at the photo you would have seen that Audrina is topless but turned away from the camera so all you see is her back. it's sexy but tasteful.

  4. actually it's shot from the side so you do see a bit of her covered boobs but IA that it is done very tastefully.

  5. I wonder if Corey will hunt Liam & Chris Hemsworth down on twitter & threaten them. Been a while since he's publicly behaved like an arse ... or maybe he's the one breaking into Audrina's account!!!

  6. I'm suprised that she's still with Corey. He's a drunk and verbally abusive. Kind of like her Mom come to think of it! Maybe that's why she's so accepting of his insane behavior???