Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Lauren Conrad Dating 'Teen Wolf's' Colton Haynes?

A new guy for the good girl?
A source tells the new issue of Us Weekly that Paper Crown designer Lauren Conrad, 25, looked enamored with Teen Wolf hottie Colton Haynes, 23, when the two shared a table at the HTC Status phone launch on July 20 -- and the pair even exchanged numbers at night's end.
While a Conrad insider says "they are friends and have known each other forever," a witness is more affirmative: "She was into him, and vice versa. They went to a club afterward."
Yet Haynes -- who appeared on two episodes of The Hills when Conrad interned at Teen Vogue -- could end up heartbroken. A source says Conrad still speaks every day with ex Kyle Howard, 33 (the two broke up after three years, in May). Says the insider, "They may get back together."
Don't remember Colton from the Hills? He made cameo appearances as a model (surprised?) on the episodes of "No More Mister Nice Guy" and "Enough is Enough". If you recall, Whitney helped style him during a Teen Vogue photo shoot, which also featured her younger sister, Jade.
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credit - Us Weekly,, me
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. they would make a cute couple

  2. 2 years younger this time! Yeay!! :)

  3. kristin's wedding dress photos!


  4. I don't think that She's his type if you know what I mean. It's probably more like a PR stunt which btw seems to be working great for him. They do make a pretty pair though.

  5. Hi Kelli
    Just wondering how you did to get these twitter buttons where you can follow the real time twittering . I want one for my blog :)
    Thank you x

  6. They are both so pretty and I think they would make a great couple ! :D
    But I think its just gossip and they are just friends.

  7. Hi Marilou
    I found mine here:
    If you don't see one you like, try a google search for twitter buttons - there are a bunch of great (free) sites that offer them. Good luck! : )

  8. I think it's just gossip too. I actually hope she and Kyle find their way back to one another, I think they were a terrific couple.

  9. Hi Kelli! I also think that it's pure gossip but hope that the part about Kyle is true. I hope that they can work things out. They seemed to have something special and unique.

  10. I hope she doesn't end up back with Kyle, just the fact that he's a scientologist weirds me out.