Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whitney Port: Attends the Summertime Festival in Dublin, Ireland

Whitney Port arrived in Ireland yesterday to launch the month-long Summertime Festival at Kildare Village outlet mall.
But if the throngs of fans expected to find the young LA fashion designer dressed in clothes from her own Whitney Eve label, they were in for a surprise.
"I'm not wearing my range, the dress that I brought was rather short and I thought it would be inappropriate," she said.
Launching her limited-edition canvas tote bag with all proceeds going to the Barretstown children's charity -- Whitney posed yesterday wearing a cream Topshop leather-trimmed jacket, a Catherine Malandrino cuff, shoes from Margiella and a dress from Liberty in London.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. Why the dress was inappropriate she could have worn tights/pantyhose’s... The outfit she is wearing should work but it does not (too much going on). Remove the jacket, necklace and then hide the socks .I hate to say this remove the Liberty the dress (I love Liberty normally but I am not too sure of this dress.) The other clothing worn in the video cannot really be seen so I cannot comment. I would buy the bag if it is in my price range. Prints are very popular right now.