Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth Attend A Wedding & Audrina Patridge Is Brunette Again

Lauren tweeted: "Wedding with my besties!! @mauramcmanus so pretty in @papercrownluvsu!
They all look so pretty!

Audrina tweeted: "Changed my hair today!!!:).... Bye bye blonde. Back to brunette!!:)"
credit - Lauren & Audrina's twitter
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Lovely photo of Lauren and the girls. They all look gorgeous! Was that from Lo's sister's wedding?

    I like Audrina so much better with darker hair. She's such a pretty girl!

  2. Beautiful photo! It looks like LC has a great group of friends. Lauren also tweeted a photo of Lo's temp henna tattoo from the same day

    ps it was Lo's sister' wedding :>)

  3. The photo of Lauren and her friends could be an ad, it's that beautiful! I only wish we could see all of their dresses better.
    I'm glad Audrina is back to brunette. LA has enough blondes!