Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lauren Conrad & Maura McManus Leaving Troubadour

Spotted: , Lauren Conrad hitting up west coast hotspot Troubadour on Friday night, September 2, 2011.
Wearing a sheer shirt and a tiny pair of shorts, Lauren was accompanied by her bestie/Paper Crown partner Maura Mcmanus who led the way out of the nightclub.
Having just previewed her Paper Crown pre-Spring 2012 clothing collection, LC recently spoke with press about what she's been up to as of late.
She dished, “I’m still writing, and designing. Honestly I’m pretty content right now. I have a series that I have to write, hopefully each fashion line will progress and grow, so I have more to come. At this moment I’m really happy with everything that’s on my plate. I’m able to have a personal life and work and balance it all.”
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credit - gossip center, zimbio, thanks portia!! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. this outfit is too short for her age !! bitch style ! i dont like it AT ALL !!!
    She needs to know: she's getting older !!!


    P.S.: this is such a bitchy comment...

  2. If she's got it why can't she flaunt it? She's only 25.
    She has killer legs anyway!

  3. its my opinion babe!! sorry !

    25 its not time for all this legs anymore !!! she is so classy !!! i just dont get it !! let this look for Kylie (15) and Kendall (16) Kardashian...

    She looks like people from Jersey Shore !!! LOL

  4. I agree Sarah! I'm not crazy about the outfit but why shouldn't she wear things as short as she wants? She's in her 20's not her 40's! imo she has a long way to go before she needs to start worrying about what's age appropriate.

  5. She has shorts on!!!! Shes one of the hottest stars in young Hollywood she can wear what ever she wants.

  6. 5:42 I'm not a prude but I hate when I see the young girls like Kendall or Kylie dressing sexy. They're still kids, I wish they would dress like kids. Lauren on the other hand is what 25? 26? She can and should wear whatever she wants.

  7. nice look, I love her shirt!

  8. I don't care if she wears short shorts but it looks like she's wearing nothing. The shirt is too long.

  9. its the troubadour, and its a music venue, not a nightclub. kylesa was headlining that night.