Friday, September 9, 2011

A Q&A with Lauren Conrad at LA Fashion's Night Out

Daniel Quintanilla did a terrific Q&A with Lauren Conrad in Los Angeles at Fashion's Night Out. His interview is posted below.
DQ: Now, promotion has played a big part in Paper Crown's success. In February, you went right to work with Twitter, Facebook... pushing Paper Crown. How do you think that's helped you over this course of time?
LC: I think social media is so important in any brand, especially this one. I learned over the last two years that my target market is very internet saavy, and it's also a great opportunity to connect with them. It's an outlet that provides feedback, and the opportunity to ask people what they want.
DQ: Now, I know your promotion is very unique from everyone else out there. Would you ever want to integrate Paper Crown into mainstream promotion like everyone else, or do you just want to keep it very unique like you're doing now?
LC: How so?
DQ: Like the ESPYS.....
LC: (Lauren laughs heartily & teasing) Mr. Sportsman, buy your girlfriend a dress.... hahahaha.
DQ: I noticed that Paper Crown has been photographed in stuff like going out with your friends for a night on the town. Is that intentional? Or is that just a coincidence?
LC: Well, I wear my own clothes most of the time, I think that it's so it's bound to happen. No, No, it's not intentional.
DQ: You wouldn't by chance do a commercial for Paper Crown and put it on TV, would you?
LC: (Lauren shakes her head with NO)
DQ: Just as I thought. And you would never, ever, make a reality show on it down the line?
LC: (Lauren points finger at yours truly going (eeehhhhh))
****No, plain and simple******
DQ: Of course.
DQ: Have you ever thought about expanding Paper Crown with a men's line, along with the women's line you have now?

LC: I haven't thought about it. I think right now, I'm just really focused on what we're doing. Um.... But, it's something to think about.
DQ: Will shoes be incorporated into the Paper Crown family?
LC: Uhh... I don't know. As of right now... no. But... you know, when you create a brand, you always wanna see it grow.
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credit - Daniel Quintanilla @ the Lauren Conrad Examiner
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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