Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kristin Cavallari & Mark Ballas Voted Off Dancing With The Stars!

Kristin Cavallati & Mark Ballas who earned a standing ovation for their high-energy samba last night, were voted off ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” tonight in a stunning season 13 elimination that had the audience booing.
During Kristin's three weeks in the competition, the judges had praised her performances, she had scored well and had appeared to be making progress on the dance floor.
Elimination in the competition is based upon a combination of judges’ scores and audience votes. The celebrity with the lowest combined scores is sent home.
Cavallari, 24, and World Cup soccer star Hope Solo were both in jeopardy of being eliminated tonight. The audience booed when host Tom Bergeron was revealed that Cavallari had danced her last dance. Cavallari’s jaw dropped in surprise, and several people in the audience looked stunned.
“I’m a little surprised, to be honest, but I’ve had such a great time and I’ve had an awesome experience so it is what it is,” Cavallari told host Brooke Burke Charvet after being hugged by Ballas.
Goodman described Solo’s and Cavallari’s placement in the bottom two as “madness.”
“This is truly crazy,” he said. “My expectation was that these two couples would be fighting for the final … .”
I'm so disappointed : ( I though they were doing so well.

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credit - abcnews.go.com, zimbio
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Jay jinxed her! Damn him for coming to the show and drawing attention away from her dancing.

  2. Kristin was doing really well and I'm so sorry to see her go. Tonight's results had nothing to do with dancing ability. It seems that DWTS is as much of a "talent" competition as 'The Hills' was a "reality" show.

  3. I'm disappointed as she was one of the better dancers. I'm going to stop watching the show now because there is no point. I was only watching because of Kristin.

  4. I didnt expect that at all! I thought her dance was the best from last night. They need to change the way the votes are cast and not give the audience all the power.

  5. I agree that Kristin was one of the better dances BUT Monday night's show was not about dancing....it was all about the stories. While most everyone shared a heartfelt story (death, struggling for acceptance, hard times) Kristen was celebrating moving to LA and not going to college. That's never going to go over big on a family show and that is why she got sent home.

  6. It's more about the popularity of the celebrity instead of the actual dancing. Chaz Bono is still around? PLEASE!!

  7. I am very saddened by the departure of Kristin, I cried when I saw his departure from the show...