Friday, November 11, 2011

There's Going To Be a 'City' Marathon on Logo Tomorrow!

This Saturday 11/12 at 2/1c Logo TV will have it's network premiere of 'The City' and will be run a 4 hour marathon of it to celebrate!
The marathon starts at the very beginning of the series with the episode 'If She Can Make It Here...' which depicts Whitney Port's arrival to New York during the hectic New York Fashion Week.
The marathon continues with 7 more season one episodes, 'The Truth Will Reveal Itself', 'The L Word ', 'Good Things Come In Threes', 'Boys Night Out ', 'He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend', 'The Truth Hurts', and 'Mingling with the Commoners'!
Check out on the Logo TV schedule here to catch more 'City' episodes!

My DVR is already set - yours? Happy Watching! :)
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Yayyyyy!!!! Thank you!! My favorite show :)

  2. I know what I'm doing tomorrow! :>) Thanks Kelli!

  3. The City is better than The Hills (4 ME ! MY HUMBLE OPINION !)


  4. Thanks! I just turned it on. x❤x❤x

  5. I'm loving this marathon! Ahh I miss this show! It really was way better than The Hills. The City was more sophisticated and adult!

  6. I'm watching too and can I just say Olivia needs to grow her hair out asap. She looks so gorgeous with it long and full of curls. Thanks for letting us know about the marathon. Best lazy afternoon I've had in a long time.:-)