Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kristin Cavallari & Her Dog Bardot Arrive at LAX Airport

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari and her dog Bardot arriving at LAX airport on Tuesday, Nov 1.
In other KCav news an eyewitness tells Kristin Cavallari supported Jay Cutler at a party for his foundation in Nashville Oct. 28 and apparently, they were all over each other!
After a tumultuous few months, it appears Kristin Cavallari and her boyfriend, Jay Cutler, have officially reignited their spark! We’d heard they were working things out after previously calling off their engagement, but a spy actually saw them kissing and making up last night in Nashville.
“Kristin and Jay are 100% back on,” our insider says. “Kristin came to Nashville to attend the annual Block & White Party at Viargo, which is an event that works with the Jay Cutler Foundation. She was ALL over him all night.”
According to our eyewitness, Kristin, 24, couldn’t get enough of her 28-year-old Chicago Bears quarterback at the party.
“She really wanted to be around him at all costs,” the source says. “She was very much the puppy dog-type girlfriend. Trust me, there was a ton of PDA all night.”
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. w-o-t-a-m-i-s-t-a-k-e

  2. what? giving jay a second chance? i think it shows a huge leap in maturity on KC's part. in the laguna beach days she would have had too much pride. she obvs loves the guy and him her and they were smart enough to know they were moving too fast. i give her props for not letting a bruised ego dictate who she dates + maybe marries.

  3. oh please. we know nothing of this relationship. don't form opinions based on what you read in magazines.

  4. Fierce Boots! And do I spy TWO Cartier bracelets? I would kill for just one.

    5:56 IA about the ego statement. The old Kristin would have been too afraid of what other people would think. Our Little KCav is growing up *sniff* ;>)

  5. Trust me when I say that when someone proposes and then calls it off. She admitted to those facts. He WILL hurt her again!

  6. Whether you like Jay or not shouldn't we support Kristin and be happy for her because she's happy? Just saying...

  7. I like Kristin so much that I wish she wouldn't make this mistake to cause her more heartbreak. It's all perspective.

  8. If they were moving too fast, then there wasn't any reason for them to break up. None. They aren't in high school. If they had truly been in love, then they would have stayed together, talked things through, and postponed the wedding. That would have been the smart thing to do. A guy doesn't break off an engagement and request his ring back over minor arguments. Distance is a lame excuse, since both can afford to travel. Something big went down. This won't end well the second time either.