Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler: Is Round Two Just Rinse and Repeat?

By Ted Casablanca and Alyssa Toomey
The Kristin Cavallari we used to know could hold her own against anything.
Ya know, the fame-hungry gal with the strong 'tude and boy-crazy ways who loved every minute being queen of The Hills.
But now? Seems K.Cav has taken a backseat to two-time fiancé Jay Cutler, as the duo announced their reengagement just last week.
So, what's the deal with the round-two relaysh and why are we concerned for the couple?
If past behaviors are any prediction, we're not entirely sure Mr. Cutler has changed his ways.
Remember what first caused the twosome to break up?
While they cited career differences and living situations as reason for the split, sources told us Jay was über-controlling of the notoriously social Kris.
And while Mr. Cutler may have warmed up to Kristin partying solo, we have to wonder if the good-looking athlete can entirely change his tough-guy 'tude—especially since we're hearing the same old story.
And if that's not enough to raise eyebrows over the round-two engagement, consider the fact Kristin is sporting the same ring as before.
Weird much? Yeah, we thought so, too.
So, Jay, while Kris may have calmed down in hopes of being wifed up, we suggest you don't forget the gal has a bite.
As for you, Kris? Tread carefully, or at the very least, ask for more carats thanyou got before, sweetheart!
What do you guys think? Too harsh or right on the money?
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. harsh but true. I still don't get why their rushing to get married. They barely know each other.

  2. make that they're :>)

  3. IA that he should have upgraded the ring. That was the least she deserved for all the humiliation he put her through. I wish them well but I have a bad feeling about how this is gonna end.

  4. don't really like Ted's comments but
    fact is they know each other less than a year and have already broken it off once...not really feeling these two for the long term.