Friday, December 9, 2011

Which Hills Star is Branching Out Into Bikinis?

By Liz Doupnik
It seems like only yesterday when we were tearing up over the last episode of the Hills (truth). We grew up with the West Coast ladies as they ventured into new careers, boyfriends and outfit choices. That said, it seemed like a natural transition for most of the cast to try their over-accessorized hands at fashion (we won't tell you who we wish hadn't).
With Audrina being our favorite underdog – let's be honest, we all have our own version of Justin Bobby – we were stoked for her when she paired up with brand of the masses, Bongo. It seemed like a great fit and we're not talking about her jeans in the ads.
Welp, all good things must come to an end -- so sayeth Patridge who just wrapped her two year stint as the face of the line. Turns out she wants to focus more on her own pursuits into the fashion world (we can't forget the episode of Audrina when she undergoes an excruciating interview with Zanna Roberts Rassi at Marie Claire magazine).
Let's hope she's become a bit more versed in the industry. So far, it sounds like she is considering that bikinis and lingerie are on the top of her to-design list.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Hate to say it, but it's becoming very clear that Audrina just doesn't have the shine and sparkle that the likes of Lauren and Kristin have. Lately she's been looking really haggard and tacky, and her personal life makes her seem really undesirable too. I think the only things we're going to see Audrina in anytime soon are bikini and lingerie. And not anything tasteful either!

  2. IA I always thought there was more to her than we saw on the Hills but then when her show aired we got the same thing, total blandness!
    The only way I see a line with her name on it is if someone else designs it and she's the face or body of the brand. I can't see her putting in the time doing the research and the product development. Not gonna happen!

  3. Agreed with the other posters - Audrina lacks that sparkle that LC and Kristin, and even Lo have. Audrina is so tacky and a bore really.

    I'm sure her bikini line will create pieces fit for any fine stripper. Lucite heels sold separately.