Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lauren Conrad Leaving The Roosevelt Hotel

Spotted: Lauren Conrad and Kevin Todd leaving the Hotel in Hollywood last night (January 8).
Lauren posted a new blog entry to help her fans join her in living a more eco-friendly existence in the New Year.
Conrad wrote, “In addition to my New Year's Resolutions, I have also resolved to live a greener lifestyle. Now that I’ve joined forces with BlueAvocado, I am more determined than ever to do so. I see it as an opportunity to get creative and take action.”
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credit - celebrity-gossip.net, thanks for the heads up portia! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. It cracks me up to read the gossip sites and blogs who are reporting that Lauren has a new love interest.

  2. IA whenever they see Lauren with a guy they try to put a romantic spin on it. So silly but I'm happy for the new pictures of Lauren. :-)

    Happy late 2012 to everyone! I was on holiday and without a computer for a few weeks.

  3. I love her outfit but I'm sick of seeing her hair in a top knot.

  4. a lot of other sites are saying hes a bodyguard after i googled both their names, is he her bodyguard?

    but either way i doubt they're dating, she was pictured at his birthday party last year with kyle, seems like they've been friends for a while.

  5. He's a club promoter (maybe in the past he was a body guard...i dunno) but either way he's been friends with Lauren and the other girls for a few years. They're definitely not dating.

  6. He was their body guard since back when The Hills was on.

  7. Kevin is not a bodyguard.

    He's a friend & hangs out regularly with the hills cast.