Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Best and Worst Valentine's Day Dates

By Ariana Finlayson
With her past loves including Stephen Colletti and her recent long-term beau Kyle Howard, Lauren Conrad has spent enough Valentine's Days as part of a couple to know what makes a good and a bad February 14th experience.
"While I've had my fair share of fairytale Valentine's Days, I've also had a couple not-so-noteworthy ones too," the 25-year-old, who's spending this year's V-Day as a single girl, penned in a blog post on her official website. "Today I am going to rehash the best Valentine's Day I ever had as well as the worst."
At the top of her list, Conrad reminisces about a February 14th soiree where her date blindfolded her, drove her to a secluded area and surprised her with an intimate picnic featuring food from her favorite restaurant, her favorite flowers and a display of candles.
"Simply put, it was a magical evening -- unexpected, sweet, simple and absolutely perfect. Definitely a tough act to beat if you ask me," Conrad commentated.
But closer to the bottom of the list, falling in line with those Valentine's Day dates that make you wish you were single, Conrad details the time she took the wheel for V-Day plans.
"I decided to surprise him with dinner at his favorite restaurant. Before dinner, I went and decorated the table -- I set up all my presents and had a whole night of festivities planned. I had him meet me at the restaurant and when he showed up…he was drunk! It was really lame," she says.
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credit - Us Weekly
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  1. I think we can assume the drunken idiot was Jason. I think the romantic one was Kyle.

    Did you see what Lauren tweeted today?
    Finally got the opportunity to wear my bright pink Halston Heritage maxi skirt today... Best Valentine ever :-)
    Sweet! I wonder who that was from?:-)