Monday, April 23, 2012

Lauren Conrad: Scans From Glamour Magazine - May 2012 Issue

credit - Glamour Magazine, my scanner : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. Thanks Kelli!
    Kisses to you from Dublin : D

  2. i really like her "bardot" hair in this spread. while lauren always looks great, i think it's time to change up her look. she does the same curls and eye make up all the time, and has for so long. it is starting to feel really outdated!

  3. After reading this interview I kind of thing she was the one who ended things with Kyle. She said that its nice to not feel like your prioritizing work over someone which most likely mean working over him.

    1. Funny you said that, I've been wondering for the longest time who broke up with who! Lauren said in a recent interview that she doesn't talk to him so I thought he might have done the breaking up. But then I just read the last book in the LA Candy series and
      from the way Jane was with Braden, it made me flip around and think that she (Lauren) ended it because in the book Jane realized Braden would always have an excuse for not putting her first and that reminded me of Kyle and his career and never wanting to publicly ackowledge Lauren as his gf!
      Ahhhhh I wish I knew which it was..... LOL :D