Friday, April 6, 2012

Lauren Conrad's 'Fame Game' Book Signing in Boston, Massachusetts

Spotted: Lauren Conrad at Barnes & Noble in Boston, Maassachusettes signing copies of her lastest book 'The Fame Game."
Meanwhile, legions of die-hard fans waited hours in line to meet LC at the event. Ankita Patel and Amanda Guilmette (pictured above), both students in Boston, waited almost six hours in line to have an up-close-and-personal meeting with "The Hills" star.
In other LC news, The 26-year-old fashion designer turned author recently revealed that she would never have cosmetic surgery because she prefers the ''natural'' look.
She said: ''Personally, I have always preferred a more natural look. That is what is more attractive to me, but it's up to each person. As long as you are doing it for you, because you want to look nice and that's the result you are going for, then that's fine.''
However Lauren - who has now written her first book 'The Fame Game' - admits she does feel under pressure to always look her best because she is always in the spotlight.
She added in an interview with Look magazine: ''There is always pressure to work out a little harder when all eyes are on you. I don't think I ever felt the pressure as much as some people, but it was definitely at the back of my mind.''
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