Friday, May 25, 2012

Lauren Conrad: Coffee Break in Santa Monica

Spotted: Lauren Conrad and a friend stopping to get an iced coffee at Starbucks in Santa Monica on May 24, 2012.
Conrad was without her new boyfriend, William Tell.
Tell, 32, is a University of Southern California law student and the ex-guitarist for the band Something Corporate.
The couple, who have been quietly dating for three months, were spotted together over the weekend, near Lauren's home.
So pretty! I love that we're getting so many candids of Lauren lately.:)
credit - zimbio, Daily Mail,
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I love the lighter hair and I want that blouse, super cute!

  2. Hey, does anybody know if Lauren and Lo are still friends. I never see them together.

    1. They're still friends but they don't live together anymore.

      Lo tweeted yesterday that she was moving to NY. She said last night was her last one in Cali.

    2. Thank you. I did see some pictures of her in NYC with some of her friends.

  3. I love the lightened hair, I'm so so on the longer extensions.

  4. She sees to have lost a bit of weigh and looks more GORGEOUS than ever!!

  5. Looks like they are filming a scene! I miss seeing pictures of the cast of The Hills & The City filming, then seeing those candids on an episodes months later!