Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lauren Conrad Spotted at LAX Airport

Spotted: Lauren Conrad preparing to depart LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) on Wednesday, May 16, 2012.
In other LC news, Lauren has teamed up with Valspar Color Project, an online video series featuring three celebrities, herself, Molly Simms and Padma Lakshmi. Each celebrity will use her favorite color of Valspar Paint to makeover a room and will reveal in a short videohow it transformed their space. As the videos are shared through social media, they will also raise money for Habitat for Humanity.
Conrad, whose color transformation story (of her Paper Crown office) will premiere on in June, hopes that everyone will watch and share her video so she can reach her personal goal of raising $100,000 for Habitat for Humanity.
"I have worked with Habitat for Humanity, and it's an organization that means a lot to me," said Conrad. "It's really an honor to be a part of such a great initiative."
credit - zimbio,
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. wow even for flights she looks amazing

  2. I don't get why celebrities want to raise money. She wants $100,000 why doesn't she spent it herself?
    And by the way why do these people always hold their phones in their hands? It's not necessary to have two and she can put them in her bag.

    1. Lauren's a smart girl, I'm sure she donates a part of what she makes and also gets involved further by raising
      additional money with projects like this one.
      My guess is she has one phone for business and the other for friends and family. I do the same thing. As for holding the phone maybe it's so get to it before it goes to voicemail. I know when I leave my phone in my bag, I miss a lot of calls.