Monday, May 7, 2012

Whitney Port Dishes On Fashion, Fame and Frenemies

By Kate Waterhouse
Designer Whitney Port was in Australia last week to present her collections, Whitney Eve and WE by Whitney Eve, at Fashion Week. Kate Waterhouse caught up with the 27-year-old to talk about all things fashion, her ''frenemy'' Olivia Palermo and her ex, Aussie rocker Jay Lyon.
Do you miss your reality TV days? No, but it was bitter-sweet. I wanted to show more of what was happening with my clothing line because it only showed the launch of it and we weren't really able to show it evolve. But then not having to wake up and be concerned [about] how you look, or put a filter on what you say, is refreshing. All of a sudden I was going to work with a purpose and not having to worry about this whole team of people expecting drama out of me.

Would you do another reality show?
I don't think so, but I would do some sort of style, fashion-based show. I just finished filming Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model as a judge but I wouldn't do anything as intimate as I did before. I actually had a real relationship on [The City], which is something that I never thought I'd be OK with, but … if I was going to do that show, I may as well have a partner in crime.
I noticed your ex, Jay, was at your Fashion Week show. Any chance of you getting back together?
No, I hadn't seen him for like a year and it's really nice to see him, because I've never ended in bad terms with any ex-boyfriend.

Do you have a boyfriend now?
Yes, I've been with him for eight months now but he is not in the limelight. No one would know who he is, which is really nice.

Any wedding plans?
Not that I know of. He lives in New York … but he's moving out to LA to be with me in September, so we will see how it goes, but I'm not the type of girl who will sit there waiting for the ring. I'm patient.
Do you still keep in contact with Olivia Palermo?
Mmmm, no. I honestly haven't talked to Olivia since the day we stopped filming. Olivia and I were never really close friends, so there wouldn't really be a reason for us to stay in touch.
Who are your style icons?
Classically, I love women like Princess Diana and Brigitte Bardot, but in the media right now I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alexa Chung and Rihanna. I like girls who take risks and don't stay so on-trend.
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