Friday, June 22, 2012

Whitney Port Poses For Britain's Look Magazine

Whitney Port looks like a top model in new photoshoot for Britain's Look Magazine.
Port says she has supermodel Elle Macpherson to thank for the poses.
The reality TV star-turned-designer has joined the panel of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model and said she's bonding with Elle, the show's host.
"I've learnt from Elle about the importance of knowing your best angles and poses,' she tells British magazine Look.
'I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed at first. Elle Macpherson is so beautiful and statuesque, I almost got first-date nerves meeting her!'
As a former main cast member of the California beach-set reality show, The Hills, Port is used to parading around in bikinis.
Nonetheless, she insists she has body insecurities just like everyone else.
'There are parts [of my body] I feel confident about and things I'm less confident about.
'I'm most likely to show off my legs, but I have quite big boobs and I don't feel comfortable revealing too much,' she explained.
She admits going on a strict diet before going to London this month to film Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model.
'I hired a personal trainer before I did the show, but I'm not doing any exercise now and I feel really lazy.'
Whitney also told Look magazine: ''It was never a goal of mine to be a reality TV star and at time I didn't find [the cameras] easy. But I have ['The City'] to thank for giving me exposure.
''I worry people think I'm a designer just for the sake of it, and I continually worry about failing, but I'm just going to work hard until I make it.''
The budding designer added: ''People put in a lot of time to help me and my father helped me a little at the start, but other than that it's been all me.''
Ms. Port admitted to being a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, saying: ''Oh, I'm a huge fan of Victoria's work and all British fashion. I'd love to see Alexa Chung or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear my designs. They inspire me.''

(above)Whitney at the launch of Sky Living's model search at Claridges Hotel on June 19, 2012 in London, England. Whit is photographed with fellow Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model judges - Tyson Beckford, Elle McPherson & Julien Macdonald.
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  1. Where are those "quite big boobs"?

  2. She does have a healthy size chest but here's what I don't get. For someone who says "I don't feel comfortable revealing too much"
    we've seen her boobs a crazy amount of times! I can count at least six instances where she's had a nip slip or a bathing suit fall off.