Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Film.com names the 5 Best Dressed Reality TV Stars

Best Dressed Reality TV Stars
From Lauren Conrad to Rachel Zoe, we count down the reality fashionistas who know how to shut it down.

Pretty much everyone has to admit to the guilty pleasure of occasional (or regular, for that matter) reality television viewing. Some shows we watch due to habit and others we watch because, frankly, we can't remember life before we did. Me? I watch to make fun of the clothing ... and the ridiculous dialogue. But some reality stars are basically untouchable because they make such fantastic fashion choices. Congrats, kids, because this might be the only distinction you win this year.

Lauren Conrad
Ms. Lauren Conrad makes the perfect damsel in distress, wronged by friends and frenemies alike. Her patented California cool, her penchant for Chanel accessories, and her ability to start a side braid trend are just a few of the quite obvious reasons she tops this list. Having been rewarded for her style with a few attempts at a fashion line (not as wonderful as we'd have hoped), I am not the first one to sing her praises. I think the reason she looks the best on the small screen is that she does not skimp -- she wears prime designer labels from Catherine Malandrino to Marc Jacobs. Now that she's done with The Hills, I guess I'll be forced to look at celebrity rags to inspire myself from her style.

Whitney Port
Okay, so Whitney Port might be the most boring character to get her own reality television show, like EVER, but the girl has fab style. Although, you'd hope anyone with a Teen Vogue internship under her belt who works for Diane von Furstenberg would have a decent sense of personal style. What The City lacks in drama and intrigue, it makes up for in outfits, GORGEOUS outfits. Sometimes a little wacky, but always high fashion, Whitney favors Robert Rodriguez and Philip Lim.

Heidi Klum
Tuning into Project Runway during Heidi Klum's pregnancy was a always a little disappointing, because girlfriend would be working some sparkly minidress that you just know you would never look that good in ... and you are not with child. Blessed with the title "The Body," clothes just look right on Heidi Klum. My favorite part about her? When she's pictured away from the red carpet, like playing with her kids, she's got no make-up and comfy jeans on. Way to keep it real! She loves to wear clothes designed by her co-host Michael Kors, and she's an avid supporter of breast cancer research.

Christian Siriano
Keeping it simple during his reign on Project Runway, Christian Siriano dominated the skinny black pant, simple scarf and fitted vest combination, inspiring hipsters everywhere. His elegant, dramatic and always exciting designs are clearly inspired by avant garde designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. His collections are critically acclaimed as well as admired by the general public, which is darn hard to master!

Rachel Zoe
I have mixed opinions on Rachel Zoe and her "buzzwords," but you can not fault the woman for her styling skill. After some hideous rumors spread about her pushing unhealthy habits onto her female clients, she signed on to The Rachel Zoe Project to set the record straight. With her documented love of Birkin bags, huge buggy sunglasses and layers upon layers of accessories, Zoe always "shuts it down." Let's be honest, you'd hire her if you could afford her services.


  1. Olivia Palermo should be on this list!

  2. IA. Olivia has amazing style